University Malaya's racist statement by union leader.

I was wondering one day on this report that UM have exonerated a chap who wrote a racist letter. Did not care that much la since campus politics are nasty. But, found out that something is not right in my second alma mather.

The letter is something. The university chop is also something. Something is not right...

Once when we are a child

I recall with fondness when I receive toys as presents, especially if those toys are the 'in'/ hip of the season. My family puts importance at many things but not spending monies on toys. We just had enough to eat healthily and that is important.

I normally abhor the usage of child photos to incite compassion but these photos does talk to my heart. It speaks mostly of genuine happiness in the most child like manner. And I would like to share them with you.

These photos were taken in a location that we visited yesterday. We bought tidings of joy - medicine for 2 kampungs, food and fruits, loads of clothes that was segregated to age groups. They had also participated in games and got a gift pack each. What I am totally pleased about is the access to the good news and the power of transformation by God to all groups of people. oh.. My throat is still sore from talking too much when i should not.

While waiting for the service to start, the children were amusing themselves and at their weird looking visitors.

Stanley's brother was a bag of energy. The children gave a heart warming presentation to two songs. The kids were able to speak a smattering of English and even presented a song in English. All due to the volunteers who drive long distance every 2 weeks and I believe that we have invested in the future.

The sisters were showing off the personalized mother's day card. So nice and cheerful.

Started off being shy. After a good meal, the kids even got to the act to something that i would do in cameras. haha

Against the backdrop of abject poverty, we can still bring cheer thru songs.

This lady was so happy to find this wheel. Found out later that the guys bullied her to give them this but she just hang on. Gave the boys pieces of wisdom .. in native tongue.
Me and my pooh. She was hugging it so tight...
I got new toys too. And those second hand clothes, it is whiter than what i am wearing.
The best shot i can get out of these group who were hiding in between banana treas for their hamburger/ hotdog treat. Always sniggering, avoiding cameras. Inadvertantly, many of them tasted these makan for the first time.
He got enough courage to pose for a photo after i showed him his first. I believe that this group of people should be helped as they are the real indigenious of the land, and in real need.
Cluthching her old slippers, the poo girl shows off her new pink slip-ons and obliged a model pose.

As usual, i have to eat something funny. This things is called peringat darat, seeds of plants that is found in the swamped. Tasted slightly sweet and dry.

Human beings do have our behaviours. What i see happening in shoppin centres during sales time is imitated here.

For those who can help and is willing, can you help me diagnose what this girl is suffering from? Her skin is peeling at different parts of the body. She looked happy in this photo from playing the game, but I do think that she would feel otherwise on normal day. If you know, do give me contacts of doctors who can.

31 flavourful years ... Bask-in-Port Dickson

Port Dickson - covered with mist after a rainy night.

It is inevitable that I aged. Instead of celebrating alone like last year, I have the priveledge of sharing this time with my colleagues. They are my very close friends by the virtue of spending many hours together.
Hock , Nur , Nora , Chris, Teck, myself, Khamariah and Ashari.
Birthday cake.
Food has always been a fixture in office. Put on 5 kg since joining SRC.
The birthday present, including VIP officers behind.
He eats more than me...

And thanks to Facebook, it has been an uplifting barrage of wishes from friends old and new. And the smses have been coming in too.

Reflecting on the year , what can I be thankful for?

1. That I am alive. Nearly drowned while body surfing the Neggiri 2 weeks ago. (

2. Family trip to Taiwan ( . Finally, a out of SE Asia trip for mom and dad. They are happy with the flowers etc. with a lot of work planned out by big sis. Am thankful that we have enough money to do these kind of trips together. Am sad by the demise of my grandpa and dad's sister.

3. Loving friends and new friends. I think there are just too many people in my life , past and present to note down here. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your life.

4. Finally completed my 2.5 year old theses this year. It is 150 pages long that is so thick that it will collect dust fast. Hope to attend my graduation in UM this August.

5. Interestingly, the young adults in Port Dickson has been a blessing to me. Have also been encouraged by the zeal of youth from Pahang and Muar ( thru Kem Pelangi in Oct07. I also have Thursday dates nowadays in Pasir Panjang with a group of National Service campers.

Huh? What is his question?
To celebrate this with Yee Lu, the old folks of BSPM is coming over to Port Dickson this Saturday (26th April 2008)
Tentative program
1100 am - breakfast at Fung Hai ( town ) - succulent roti bakar & Kopi.
1130 am - Shell Sports Club - foosball, volleyball etc.
1230 - lunch at Lukut Bah Kut Teh
1400 - Eagle's ranch for paintball.
1600 - Beach time at Blue Lagoon! - banana boat, bring snorkeling gear, captainball by the beach (wear swimsuit underneath your clothes)
1800 pm - dinner at Kuala Lukut Mystery Restaurt
If interested to join, click here

When Muslims become Christians

"was staggered to learn that the Quran does not say anything about punishing apostates and that its proponents use two hadiths instead to support their view. Hadiths are the recorded traditions and sayings of the Prophet which, in addition to the Quran, provide an additional source of Islamic law. "

Read more of the BBC Report.


(KUANTAN, Friday) – The Syariah Court has today declared that the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong was a Muslim when he passed away more than 10 years ago in 2007. The Syariah Court also ruled that since no non-Muslim is allowed to inherit any part of a Muslim’s assets or wealth, the inheritance of Lim’s assets by his non-Muslim children are invalid and unlawful.
“Therefore, the assets should be immediately returned to Tan Sri Lim’s name, and then redistributed to his Muslim heirs (if any) according to Syariah law. If he has no Muslim heir, then the assets shall be given to the Islamic authorities and they can do whatever they wish. The non-Muslim children are disinherited.” The Syariah Court ruled.

Read more.

Satire it is. But here lies big issues for the Malaysia authority to manage and I don't have the confidence that it will be managed well. Do you?

New law on "Islamic Family Law"

Apparently, the "The draft of the proposed Islamic Family Law ( Federal Territories) Amendment Bill will be "re-circulated" to the ministers before it is brought to the Cabinet for final approval."

Have anyone seen this bill before? Even in blogsphere, nothing has been said or leaked. This must be a highly guarded document then.

In fact, The Attorney General continued that “Previously, we had consulted all relevant parties including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), muftis, Interfaith Council and the Syariah Judiciary Department, through a series of meetings. And some of their views have been put in the draft."

Excuse me.. i tot government have rejected these so called non- Muslim Interfaith Council proposal?
Which Interfaith council is this?
What is their recommendations? Which part is accepted?
Would the government really take recommendations of non Muslims on a Muslim bill?

Come on ... this sounds fishy.

This bill would probably give legal standing to abuses that has been perpetuated by a gutless civil court who chipped away our constitutional right and a biased Syariah court. Unless we see what it the content of the bill, the government should keep refining it and not push it through.

Makkal Osai's licence is not renewed

It is quite sad to see the GM of this newspaper appearing in TV2 ( government controlled station) making his public appeal for his staff's livelihood. We are not 'anti-government" and will toe the line , he said.

The new Interior Minister carry out the normal 'holier than thou' minister duty that is the hallmark of a Barisan National government. He accused the paper of inciting racial tensions and have 'many public complains".

Do wonder who these public complainers are and what is the actual complain. Would a newspaper be given time to respond to these complains instead of a total ban? Or are these 'complainers' part of the normal BN sandiwara that includes unfounded statements of 'majority', ' silent majority' and "Malay NGOs". Who the heck are these people?

I do personally think that papers like Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian are equally racist with the recent strategies to whip up sentiments regarding pig farm and contract allocations with race and religion. So, decided to put a poll to see the perception of public on which is the most racist newspaper in Malaysia currently. Do join.

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