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I have nothing to say about the yoga fatwa, than to be called names. Though I do feel that many other things are more important like smoking, corruption, detention without trial etc.
My posting would reflect on some interesting reflection from my recent foray to the younger-worlds - by being a facilitator in a teenager camp. Participants come from small towns and are pretty much less influenced by popular culture.. so i tot.

1. Cam whoring - Yes, the new yuppies like to take photos of each other. And they seemed to pick up a bad trait from me in taking 'natural' photos. 'Natural photos' means taking photos of others when they did not notice. Whoops..

Yes, my 'natural' shot was taken when people were not paying attention. Could do with more light in this shot.

And the girls pick up the bad habit to follow. They seemed to have fun chasing each other & shoot them for a laugh. All naturale of course.

2. Screaming - If you have been to a canto-pop concert, you will be able to hear screams and shrills of post pubercent girls at their heart throbs. And I find to my amusement that it is prevalent among a segment of the girls. They would line up and shout at the mountain, the trees and any guys that were teasing them. Like a systematic bombardment of eardrums.

What? My ear is bleeding..

But I did enjoy the moment when it happened to head towards my direction when we said goodbye. Wow, felt like a moviestar. ha

3. Japanese lingo- So neh .... and the ever 'cute' peace sign.

4. Stephen Chow humour - the guys like to do humours ala Stephen Chow. Cross dressing, scolding with upraised voice, ironic face is part of the game.

Best dressed man as women ever. And he acted extremely well with his hand movements.

5. Gang Bang - I find it unusual for a group of girls to be excited about 'gang bangs' and recording it on their camera phone. I guess they had a rough pile on game the night before and I prefer not to know. At those age, I was trying to find out the meaning of masturbation with great difficulty. I would not be too surprised if the clip ends up in youtube.

They really cracked me up with their antics.

Anyway, these are all good kids who study hard, play harder. Most of them are good at many things and am glad to be a small part of their acquiantences. They have good potential to be whatever they want to be. Qing Ting ( below) just won a social award even though she is just in Form 3. And she also won a drawing competition that allows her to go to HK next month. And of course, she take her studies seriously. So, no politics this time but a solute to the future.

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