Boycott computers

Some Malaysians are like herds. When Dr Mahathir suggests that we boycott US products, the whole institution runs like dogs to come out with programmes and action plans. Soon, they will have groups of people checking the source of products or stationed outside KFC/ McD to pressure people to comply on the ban. Don't these group of people think?

My stand on the Israel attack is consistent with my stand on the attack on Iraq, that it is inhumane. Yes, I am a christian yet did not support the Iraq war of Bush ( which he tried to legitimize as a God demand) nor Israel war ( to me, they are more zionist in this aspect).

Yet, I dun see the same reaction of this group of people if sufferings are inflicted to the non Muslims. We send help to Indonesia ( Acheh) but not to Thailand or Sri Langka post asian tsunami. The same group of "this is not religion, not about Islam, but about human rights" kept quiet when Buddhist monks got whacked in Myammar, Arab descent Somalians terrorising local Africans or Christians got murdered in Indonesia / India.

So, keep up the boycott threats each and everytime something that does not favour them. They use the same concept like the Zionist behaviours, of course the zionists have guns & all. With their energy, they can ask for more donations and use the opportunity to do real relief works that will impact the Palestinians.

Why not Dr M boycott Blogspot ( american mah) where is famous Chedet resides and use local IC to power up his own laptop? Didn't he sanctioned TPM to do research on local IC project that spend millions of ringgit but without any return?

Boycotting US products a really dumb move for Malaysia

I pray that the attacks will cease and there is determination for peace.

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