African church in Vauxhall

A very warm, energetic and prayerful church close to where I am staying. Both Lester and I was actually looking for a Baptist church when I got awefully lost. This is the first time for us being able to worship together with brethens from a different cultural approach. I totally enjoyed the song singspiration and also looking at some old ladies praying in their native Nigerian etc. languages at the end of the session.
We tried a Colombian restaurant at the working class subord of Brixton. I had a nice grape softdrink called ava. For 8 pounts, a huge bowl of soup of beans + potatoes. The rice is excitingly fragrant and salty. The pork is very nicely done. There is a pancake of sorts, another pancake made out of banana, some salty salad and avacado. I enjoyed the food and there was enough to take away for dinner. Of course, the beautiful Colombian waitresses are a plus.

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