Syed Hamid is at it again

Wei, our FM Syed Hamid is back to his best. He tried to defend Malaysia that we are not discriminatory towards the minority people and their religion. Here is his best defense to the subject that Hindu temples are demolished without caring for the sensitivity of the people. ( NST: Strange for US to judge us)

"I have not seen many temples in other countries but in Malaysia, there are over 70,000 temples. In some places, we even have problems getting approvals to build mosques."

So, does he mean that we have too many temples that they have problem getting approvals for mosques?

And since we learn that the best defense against emotional argument are facts , what is HIS facts?
( and where he got them?)

70K temples!! Who does that belong to?
To HIndus only, or include Buddhist, Taoist, Sikhs .. even Temple of Fine Arts?
And if 8 million Malaysian belong to one of these religions, it just means that an average of 100 people worship in one of these place of worship. I don't think that is an absurb number.

Down the road from my house to office, i know that there are 4 mosques already. What is the figure for mosques and suraus btw?

Anyway, what is clear is that there IS a descrimiation on the basis of religion in Malaysia. It has always been but i guess we just grew tired of it and start talking about it. I believe that all religions should be respected by the state , except if it is a cult.

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