Another enjoyable view. Basically trying to keep awake due to the wind. Posted by Picasa

Ah .. wonderful view of Bangkok city by the river. Here is where the big hotels are. Posted by Picasa

One of the best looking temple i have seen beside the Chao Phraya . Can you see? Posted by Picasa

Hemm .. how the room looks like. got a special room that faces the car park. the upsdie of it is that it is easy to board my chopper since the launchpad is just 50 metres away Posted by Picasa

Lotsa beer .. betcha. Posted by Picasa

Wonderful thai performers . looked like from a TV show. The best performer is a guy with great muscles. Girls were very pretty Posted by Picasa

Naranee , Suganya and Audrey - our trip to a German beerhouse which is packed of Thais .. good food and entertainment . Posted by Picasa

Nana ... nickname for sweatheart Posted by Picasa

Gonngg....  Posted by Picasa

Used to be trader Vics ... mamak Joe Posted by Picasa

Lotsa lights. we went photo hunting since the rest went back o sleep Posted by Picasa

Hey , safe and sound. Back after the dinner. Poor fellas behind have to wait us to clear the path Posted by Picasa

Spirit come.... Posted by Picasa

Dinner on the boat. notice the waiter who joined us in this photo. hilarious Posted by Picasa

Pork burger in thai McD . no fair Posted by Picasa

Cleopatra - waiting for the demure Thai girl to finish her registration. took us another 30 minutes to get it done. Hurrry Posted by Picasa

Super mural. notice the fine artwork that is blocked by me. haha Posted by Picasa

Nice lamp at the registration counter. Made out of a light under red cloth and a black sheen.  Posted by Picasa

Super welcome kit Posted by Picasa

Arrival . a 2 hour trip plus 40 minutes from Donng Muang to the hotel. Paid Baht 800 - found out later that it only costs Baht 200-300

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