Blessed Christmas

My first family Christmas in Singapore. Since both my sister have moved to Singapore to cari makan, my father decided to break away from the monotony and do the family gathering down south this year. Aside from the jam of cars and people, it has been a pretty cooling session with rains and all.

But what is interesting is how Singapore has managed to come out and be a forefront of the real meaning of Christmas. It is not about gift or having a family holiday. It is about Christ. The birth of Christ the saviour who brings the good news to the human kind. Was in Orchard yesterday and am impressed with the decoration and message. There is no sight of Santa Claus or Santarinas... just the story on the birth of Christ. All along Orchard road was signages and performances that tells the story of Christmas. And, they are all volunteers from the local churches from different races - chinese, indian, indonesia, koreans, pacific islanders, Philipines, japanese etc. from all denomination. What a powerful message that is on the maturity of the state as welll as a testimony of the creative outlet presented to its citizen ( and non citizens but contributes to the republic)

Wonder if the Malaysian will grow up to this maturity? Even the songs in radio stations are about Claus and snow. And the TV shows in our terrestrail TV is equally incorrect.

My best wishes to you and your family. My additional prayer this year is for the Herald publication to get their licence renewed. The minister in charge displayed utter childishness by responding "let them wait". I guess to him, Catholics and Christians are not "US", but "them". We will make sure that we give UMNO our vote during the Kuala Terengganu election. :)

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