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I wonder how we are so taken by various propogandas.

If it is about humanity, there are many areas that Malaysians can champion. If it is humanity rights of Muslims, why not bother to talk about Rohinya in our shores and in our land? No monies or help goes to them ( Rohinya in Malaysia protest, says UN treats them unfairly - cause we are not signatory to the UN refugee charter).

Ask yourself: What is the political element?
Palestinian cause have more political milleage than the puny Rohinya-on-the-sea-dying. Today in the Sun, a huge "Forum" on Palestine was advertised by Tun Dr Mahathir and his team ( Matthias, Salleh buang, Berjaya etc).
In this 'apoligical' forum, the topic chosen is " Heinous War crimes against Palestinian children by zionist cowards".
Zionist cowards? What kind of conference topic is that?
No wonder we are pariah among international aid organisations because fundamentally, many times we are self serving. The government tend to promote aid to those that they cared for - Bosnia, Southen Thailand, Southen Philipines, Acheh etc. Do you sense a pattern there? If we are indeed fighting for humanity, we should at least be impartial to our partial judgement.

I decry this war & others before. I decry more the hypocrites who are taking advantage.

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