Jane Lee's Wedding.

Told her that I was happy that she 'finally got married' to her amusement. Here is the wedding cake, homemade by one of the aunties. As the emcee stressed, this is a 'very unusual special cake'. I think it described Jane very well. :) .

So, anything unusual in Port Dickson?

Basically, nothing happens here... most of the time. Here are some interesting happenings from the last 2 weeks.

Mr Snail has perfected the art of eating fish food using vacuum technique. Yes, even this is exciting by PD standard. ;)

Choppy waters here. We have bigger waves and winds and some locals say that this year has been 'thunderfull'.

Captured this species of dragon fly near the lift on my 13th floor. It should be able to fly this high but this is the first time i have seen such markings.

Some cheapskate singaporeans prefer to stay at my RM39 per night apartment. No wonder it rained.

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