Appreciate your family

With the mellowing wind and glaring sun, am able to spend some time to collect my thought and share my appreciation that my parents are here. It has been something that I really wanted to do should i get this opportunity. In fact, this is one of the reason that I agree for this job, so that my parents would be able to come over and spend some time over. Yeah, it sounds very noble but it is not except when God intervenes I guess it is just a time where they can take some time for themselves and enjoy looking around.

I have been too busy many times with the many activities in KL and Port Dickson. Many times, I do feel that it is done for other people or activities. IN some way, I am enjoying the longest 'me-time" with tinges of guilt. IN the same way, my parents have always been putting other people first. I guess that is what we inherit from them, which can be both a blessing or curse. So in the midst of things, am glad that they are around to share in this experience.

So, today is Father's day and I would like to say that I am in love with both of them. THey have been great and patient with me all through my life. It is difficult to have a son like me who almost always put his interest in the first priority. They would very much adjust to my timings and all. Recall that I forced them for a 3 day trip to Scotland and back, Wales in a day and other adventorous things. A trip to Amsterdam where it rained and Paris where Engish is mea cuppa. So, in a way Port Dickson has been a good start and this short stint is even better.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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