Head Cracker

Squirming with pain to take a pic
How it actually looked
Full of blood.

There are some things that one will have to do before 30. Accidentally achieved another of my 'dream' yesterday. Ever wondered how it felt like getting sticthes on your body? I have not had any major operations before. And some times , things happen when you wonder long enough. Look at the nice pics that i took.

So, i was doing a cross-over-court-outstretch-full momentum attempt to get the shuttle. Amazingly i got to the shuttle and returned an impossible shot to score a point. There was a gasp of awe ( btw, my partner and I were loosing 6 games straight- something like Liverpool vs Arsenal on Wed ) and the next thing i see is this big white wall in front of me. So, i plonk head long towards the wall and cannon off with a loud thud. Well, it is either breaking my arm or injuring my limping leg , so i decided to use my head instead.

It was painful even after the stiches . The whole body still wobbles and the neck and shoulder really hurts. So, will not do that in the future. But the whole stitching process was pretty ok , was not as bad as i tot. My Samsung partners were so nice to accompany me to this clinic nearby where we saw 4 girls seating outside watching TV. One of them asked what happened and i replied that I got into a fight over a girl. She gave me THE look and I told the real story. Then she ask me into the dressing room and there was nobody around. Had a funny feeling that the lady out there was not the nurse.. and I was right. But she stitches good ..............

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