i am sick

heck heck .

well , it is the time of the year again where i just get sick. not to mention the many mangoes that i walloped back in hometown. it does not help at all.

being physically sick is one thing. i think it is the least of the problem. Heck , it is just my body saying - take a rest. And I did have a magnificent sleep yesterday night.

What is more sickening is the declaration by the Mufti of Perak Datuk Seri Harunssani Zakaria, the Ulama Conference 2006 working committee chairman, said they wanted the Government to review practices such as Kongsi Raya and open houses to ensure that they do not contradict Islam.

What ?

For one , is it a sin to interact with non- Muslims?
How can a mufti , who is supposedly learned , be able to come out with a statement without any substancial evidences or studies ?
As an official paid by my tax money , I do not think that he is qualified to be a mufti. In fact , getting paid by money taken from non- Muslims already make him a murtad. And since he is now a non muslim , he is then not qualified to be a mufti. Step down !!!

This is the kind of statements that make our great country look stupid. And of course, the able Abdullah Badawi got to come in to calm the water. It is just a waste of taxpayers money to have leaders who make statements without going thru their brains and then neccesitate another person to waste more time to help out.

And PAS jumps on the bandwagon. "PAS is not in favour of the Kongsi Raya celebrations as it believes that an Islamic celebration should not be put on par with a non-Islamic festival. " . Since when did PAS cared about non - muslims. oh ya , this statement is for the muslims only.

In reality , this is the same guy who have a poll in his official website some time ago asking what should be done to the non muslims who did the cartoon caricature. Included options are basically " killing " , 'launch a war' etc. This person is not a leader and should not be.

ON another note , England beat T&T yesterday . Hurrah for another lousy show by the pretender. The best WC match so far is Argentina vs Ivory Coast. In fact , the offering tonight is mouth watering to say the least.

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