Justice for Beng Hock

I am appalled by the death of this 30 zear old opposition chap.
Enough is said about the circumstances of his death which is highly suspicious. The police, who discounted murder 24 hours after his death did a u+turn today after the public outcry at the speed of police in absolving MACC.

We have degenerated to the state in being able to kill or intimate people to commit suicide. in either case, MACC is responsible to either murder or manslaughter. In the 1970s when the FBI were causing suidcide by carelessly targetting Americans as Russian spies, the president was forced to resign.

I just came from visiting Auswitch camp, in which 1.1 million Jews and Poles and russians were murdered. The Nazis have an ideology that they are superior. what started as an ideology in 1933 was then turned into action where they have total disregard to the inferior race. The concept of ketuanan Melayu is harmless according to our beloved politicians, and are unlike Nazism. But look at how these government servants are interpreting the worth of an inferior citizen, pushing him knowingly or to suicide by their tactics. In these camps, were were shared on the ways that the nazis pushes people to death or suicide.

Ketuanan is an ideology that must be stopped!! Sooner or later, it maz degenerate the ideas into actions and that would be too late to stop. Start respecting each human being regardless of their differences.

I am asking for at least the resignation of MACC chairman, Ahmad Said who have proven his incompetence in tackling BN related issues and extreme competence against any other parties. Najib should know that it is either him or Ahmad Said.

Aboringines in Malaysia without rights to their land

IPOH: The orang asli (aborigines) of Perak want the state government to recognise their rights to their ancestral land and are calling for an amendment to existing laws governing their jurisdiction.
Yayasan Orang Asli Perak chairman Suki Mee said this was one of the six resolutions passed unanimously by over 500 orang asli participants at a conference to discuss their land woes in Tapah last weekend.
Suki said they want the state to gazette, as orang asli reserve, the areas covering their villages, their agricultural plots and orchards, and their foraging grounds -- with immediate effect.
Another resolution called for an amendment to the Orang Asli Act or the National Land Code that would allow such land to be gazetted, and for the Tok Batin (orang asli village chief) to have a voice in its development.
“Legally, only the Orang Asli Affairs Department (JHEOA) has the purview to decide what development projects take place in the reserve, but we want the Tok Batin to also have a say.
“Although the Tok Batin is usually appointed by the JHEOA director-general, the appointment is usually done with the recommendation of the village,” he said in an interview Monday.
Suki said a special committee to resolve the people’s longtime land issues would raise the matter when handing over the resolutions to the state in early August.
Perak executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, he said, had pledged to meet them and the JHEOA to discuss their concerns.
Another resolution was to allow the orang asli to apply for individual titles within or outside a proposed gazetted orang asli area while waiting for its gazetting.
“I am confident that the state and Federal government will look into the resolutions. We are not asking for new land, we are only asking for the rights to the areas we are on now,” he said.
Suki said that the state government had in the past made some effort to grant land titles to the orang asli people through its orang asli land alienation policy in 1993.
“But as far as I know, not a single application has been approved under JHEOA since 1993 except for one area in Kampung Bawong in Sungai Siput, Perak.
“Other orang asli might have also been given titles, but this was through their own individual effort,” he said.
The remaining resolutions passed concerned other land and development related problems.
He said that according to 1998 JHEOA statistics, only 17% of some 29,766ha of orang asli land have been gazetted as reserves.
An estimated 42,000 orang asli live in Perak.

The illegitimate MB of Perak would probably ignore their request. The NGOs have noted that the Pakatan government previously was working hard in the direction of giving land deeds to them. Alas, they were taken illegitimately taken out and replaced by a government that is not bend to help the poor. The initiative for these orang asli have stalled and even the land titles given to the Chinese village seemed to be on a knifeedge. 1Malaysia indeed.

Guess how much?

DOVER (England): A visibly upset Zahra Masoumah Abdul Halim burst into tears when she was forced to abandon her attempt to conquer the English Channel due to unfavourable tide and wind conditions.
The 17-year-old was pulled out of the water just over the half-way mark between Dover and Calais in France after swimming for 12 hours and 46 minutes.
Instead of swimming in a straight line, she was tossed sideways by tidal forces and forced towards the Netherlands, instead of France.
She had to struggle harder to stay on course, and was instructed by boat pilot Paul Foreman to get out of the water at 6:39pm on Wednesday (1:39am Thursday Malaysian time).
“When he told me it was all over, my tears flowed freely. I knew I could still continue although it might take at least another 12 to 15 hours,” said the girl.
Not discouraged, Zahra now plans to swim from Pulau Rupat, Indonesia to Port Dickson in Malaysia across the Straits of Malacca, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.
“It’s about 50km and there is a lot of jelly fish. They’ll probably put me in a cage,” said the girl, who said she will undertake the swim with her 12-year-old brother Salman Ali Shariati later this year.
Foreman described Zahra as being incredibly brave and mentally strong, and someone whom all Malaysians should be proud of.
“She’s only 17 and has swum for the first time in cold waters for nearly 13 hours,” said Foreman, who is from the English Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation.
Zahra’s father Abdul Halim Manaf, who had followed the swim in the boat, said she was not just fighting against the tide but also the strong winds that kept pushing her back.
Her mother Haniza Mohamed said Zahra had cried and hugged her upon her return but she had then comforted her daughter by pointing out it was “good enough” to have swum that far in such unfavourable conditions.
Coach Arof Omar concurred, saying Zahra was still steady and had stayed longer in the water than the two male Cuban swimmers who had also failed in their attempts earlier.
Seven Continents Club Extreme Exploration chairman Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarudin, who organised the swim, said Zahra could hold her head high for her steely determination.
Zahra took off from Shakespeare Beach at 6:07am (1:07pm Malaysian time) on Wednesday in her attempt to become the first Malaysian girl to swim across the channel.

The taxpayer pays RM80,000 for her to not make it. Did that doctor who swim the english channel get this money for free? Nah, he went back to Oxford like nothing happens. 2 standard , 1 Malaysia

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