Gubra is Great!!

Gubra , another contemporary film by Yasmin Ahmad left me with a few more aftertots. Another excellent movie , this time a bit more bites yet intersperesed with more laughter moments. I like how she tackles a few issues that are normally swept under the carpet. For the full story , just check out her blog here.

Favourite statement on racial diversity : "It is like you love someone yet they did not love you back."
Favourite moments : The iman touching a dog in the middle of the road. The group of revellers sitting behind me were voicing out their disgust.
Favourite actor : The chinese man on the hospital bed. He is sooo good that he irritates.
Favourite actress : Sharifah Amani , of course.

Issues that is of great concern :
1) AIDS pandemic in Malaysia - we have now over 60K people suffering from this disease. remember that it was about 26K few year ago when i was involved.
2) Prostitution in small towns - the socio-challenges of small towns.
3) Infidelity - should a man keep the wandering eyes focussed even if he has 3 more choices.
4) Fidelity - how a woman kept on with an ingrate & unfaithful man ( though she pushed him down the staircase in the first place )
5) Rich in money vs Richness in virtue - which would you opt for?
6) The patience of Islam outreach is tremendous.

Met a fellow blogger this morning. Good to meet face to face with fellow custodions of free thoughts.

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