Desecration of the Quran

Today marked the reversal by Newsweek on their story that inflamed the Muslim population still angered by the Guatanamo and Abu Gharib incidences. What is certain is the fact that Newsweek kinda still think that it was a true story till today and perhaps did not do a good job geting all the facts. But , nobody is discounting that this could be due to political preassure as the government has kept logs of these reports in their file for the last 2 years. And an incidence of inmates of Guatanamo resorted to fasting unless they got an apology for interogators who shown disrespect to their Quran. They got their apology ...

Even with a statement that says that they have a SOP that entails how to handle the Quran , application wise may be different at best. US has gone deep down on the 'trust' and 'confidence' that they are finding it hard to even to get the benefit of doubt. Generally , a mistake breeds another one and another and another . They should be sorry but nobody else is sorry for their mistakes. Of course , US governement will never apologise for their mistakes.

However , it is surprising that the US goverment is angered that this misreporting has caused death and create dissentment to the country. Perhaps they forgot that all the false reporting done by US news ( FOX , CNN etc . ) contributes to a useless war and hundred thousands of death. It is ok for them to lie or tell white lies / unsubstanciated claims , but not for others.

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