Trip to Mutianyu Great Wall of China, Beijing

Fab 5- Myself, Connie , Suri, Noosha and Mohsin

From the cable car station to the great wall. Great beauty with greens everwhere.

We started the journey at 6.30 a.m. The air was still misty and cold as we headed up to the highway to Mutianyu. The guide was a lady called Linda and her 'brother' whom we observed was a bit more than that.

Panting up the wall. Have wondered why the steps in China as so small..

Welcome you to ....

The Tobaggan ride. Made in German technology and it braked pretty well too.:)

Wishes before Beijing

Huge surprise yesterday when I had my first birthday celebration. The food lady brought in the food and cake and was grinning all the way. Thanks for the planning guys.

I kept these sms wishes since it is was my 30th birthday. This are significant as they are precious moments that i want to keep. Funny thing is that almost all of them are ladies/girls. hehe. Feel very macho suddenly.
Thanks friends..

Siew Fong-Hey Happy birthday ... opps belated.
Ananthi- Hi Joe, happy belated birthday
Siew Wee- Happy Belated birthday my friend
Elaine Wong - Happy belated birthday! My dear son.
Janet Han - Halo Joseph- happy belated bday! sorry one day late. tersilap date. How did u celebrate? hv an aswesone year ahead ya!
Jaime Tan- Hi. Hope it's not too late to wish you happy birthday ! God bless.
Yew Hui - hey grandpa Jo Koh! Its yew hui here. =) this msg exists for a reason of cos! I noe its kinda late but better late than never eh? Happy happy 30th birthday to you *shen ri kuai le". Selamat hari jadi. someone's getting old..! But don worry. grandpa u old folks worth a fortune. haha. hope u had a great time with ur family n friends today. truly trank God for a friend/ grandpa like u. Keep serving God n be faithful to him yea! Take care!
Pei Fern - Happy birthday! Have blessed years ahead. Enjoy beijing? I be back on first week of May.
Swizer - Happy birthday to you.
Kelvin Low - Hi Joseph, happy birthday.
Magdelene- May God shower you with abundance of his love and blessings on this very special day. Happy birthday Jo!
Ai Leng - Happy birday ! May ur wishes cm true n have a gd one.
Susan Koh - Happy birthday 2 u. may u hav a wonderful yr ahead.
Paula Teoh - Hi Jo-Koh.. happy burfday!! God bless u wif success, gd hearlth n blessins dat oni Godnoes n can bless u wif. Take care.
Alison Chang- Happy happy 30th burfday! May all ur dreams come true. Want 2 b d first one 2 wish u. hehe. am I? Okie la u go enjoy beijing ya? Don't gatal with d chicas thr. B good.
Shi-Lynn- Want to hld hands with u and walk around. Miss you. Happy birthday!

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