New Year 2008

So, MBF and I went to the Curve for the countdown. Strategy is to be less boring since both of us have no plan for this new year. At 3.00 pm , 31st Dec.. we decided to bite the bullet. Using my knowledge of the place, we were able to get out of the jam within 15 minutes. Ask me how as am not sharing...
Another thing we notice is that we are old. YES, the kids there are .. kids. One will be called an uncle if try to tackle any of the chun girls there. And they still speak in slangs so must be college kids.
Oh ya, the blast was quite spectacular. 20 minutes of fireworks and the three of us got headache from starring up too long.
Bring it on!
Happy New Year Everybody! Photos are taken using latest Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-12 that I got for Christmas.

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