General Erection cum ming?

Nope, it is not a blue film website. Today have been inaundated with lame jokes and banterings between men who are amazed at how a 61 year old man could have made 'personal friend' with a 20 year old thing.

And the "Muar" jokes. Since the DVD is distributed there, Namewee ( who created controversy earlier last year in which the same political personality involves extensively)... people are thinking that Muar is sometype of black hole. Even Marina Mahathir joins in the fray " there something in the water in Johor that makes Johor politicians particularly susceptible to dumb things? ;) ) Marina was talking about the beloved Foreign Minister who looked a bit lost with his comments nowadays without Tun's leadership.

Will spare the details but am glad that the former Health Minister has done the right thing by resigning.
Ah, got GUTs!

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