Oxford sanctions questionnable business practices?

Awaiting reply from Oxford University and Loreal AG.


Appreciate if you can forward this to your corporate communications partner in central. L'Oreal is a sponsor for a chair in Oxford University and they have chosen to work with a personality that has very low concern on diversity and environment.


Subject: Regret in the choice of Said Business School's speaker for The Inaugural Oxford Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum
To: oliver.shiell@sbs.ox.ac.uk

Dear Sir

As concerned citizens in Malaysia and as volunteers to the state of Sarawak where we tried to help to locals who were marginalized and suffered.
It is with great regret to hear of the choice of your main speaker of Mohd Taib Mahmud, the Chief Ministers of Sarawak to the Inaugural Oxford Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum

It would be great for an exteemed business school to be extremely careful with your selection of speakers. A simple querry via internet would reveal who the speaker is and the vested interest of Tanjung Manis Halal hub, which is linked to questionable business practices. However, my concern has been on the impact of environmental deforestation and the lack of justice to the aborogines in the state where this said person is governing. Please take a look at some of my personal postings


The local media has repeatedly uses your university's name and the locals are wondering on how an esteemed organisation like Oxford can be so simplistic in its approach.

As such, we would appreciate a solid response from the organisors to justify its selection from the view of ethical business practices and even, Islamic governance & justice.


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