Boxy Singapore

Probably this is also staged. Maybe Mr Lee and family enterprise decided to show the world how 'democratic' this country is. 8 x 8 meter square for 200 people to protest , they looked like pigs waiting to be culled.Compact and smelly, that is the end result.

Hey , this is the only country that protests need to be staged.

First protest staged at Suntec SingaporeBy Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 14 September 2006 1501 hrs

Special Report

Singapore 2006
A civil society representative on Thursday staged a solo protest at Suntec Singapore, the venue of the IMF/World Bank meetings. The protest by Sandy Krawitz from the Action Aid International was the first at the designated protest area. Other civil society groups say they are set to stage their protests on Friday, a day ahead of their original plans. Sandy Krawitz said her group would also stage a silent protest on Friday. It would likely focus on Singapore's tough restrictions on demonstrations by civil groups. "People will be wearing T-shirts and they will be wearing gags that say, 'No Voice'." - CNA/ir

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