HRH Sultan Selangor on preservation of orang asli land

“In the last few years, the orang asli community has undergone an erosion
of identity and it is time their rights be returned to them with the resolution
of their land problems.

“I want to stress the need to acknowledge and preserve orang asli land
which had been seized from them in the last few years,” said the Sultan.

Sultan Sharafuddin also urged the state government to expedite the
identification and gazetting of orang asli land.

They should be given the land which is rightfully
,” he added.

What a breath of fresh air. ( Read here) I hope the other sultans and Raja ( the white hair rajah of Sarawak) would take a leaf from HRH. Can we, the lesser beings and certainly the even lesser beings of Orang Asal's ( sorry, but the fact that they are not given their rightful land, continously loosing lands via court and logging companies etc. ) ... would dare to hope that there will be a real progress towards granting real rights to those that deserves it.

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