Richard Bolton - the Neo fascict / Con lookalike

I was looking at the photo of this Richard Bolton person yesterday . His name was previously mentioned in many websites as one of the staunch , unilaterelist , war - mongering American Expansionist Idiotlogy person . But i have not seen how he looked like.. till yesterday when he was confirmed as one of the candidate for US's UN representative. Forget about his histories or the crude way of perceiving his own superiority ( or his country's ) .... this guy looked like Adolf Hitler. hahaha . Seriously , he have a parted hairstyle with a moustache that seemed to be in contrast. ( his moustache is pure white in colour - bleech ? haha ) . One of the pics did show a common pose with the much hated Feurer.

Surely , he is not an incarnation ? Right? Right?

Was in conversation with one of the "Editorial Opinion" writters. Since he gave the centre piece opinion on this website , i think this guy should be one of the 'big guys". Anyway , here is an exerpt of my naughtiness

Haha . U mean Fox channel , CNN and all those 'independent' and 'democratic' station news? I have read their versions of the same event.
Or you mean Saudi arabia royalties , Ukraine , Tonga and all the small islands .. Or maybe Tony Blair?
Same to you friend. I am sure you take this personally as my language was very strong. Apologise for that but I can't respect your editorial opinion unless a writer is willing to look at both side of a coin. And it ain't pretty.

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Maybe you should do a search of the news on google and you might change your mind about 'how much of the world' resents 'my' cowboy!
> Mr Lee ,
> Haha
> I think "I' can safely represent the 'world' or at least my country to
> say that at NO-time , we need that cowboy . The bigger part of the
> world resents your cowboy and its follies. It is your own
> preconceived opinion from a US
> perspective that is so flawed with selective , simple , archaic reasoning.

And he never responded.

Saw another article today on CBS news. Wow , this station is Pro-government .. to say the least. It gives an article on why Richard Bolton is the right choice to hammer United Nations into shape . And they have been waiting for US to bring the 'leadership " needed .. aka. .. Feurer . No doubt that UN has its own problem as much as US can't admit its own ( look at the latest report on Human Rights compiled by them ) . But what astonishes me is the said "right' of the US to have the leadership and the impression that nobody else are able to do it. The last someone checked , they are still not paying the millions of debt to United Nations. Perhaps , the best leadership they can give is to pay up their dues first before talking.

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