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With regards to mission , do keep my dad in prayer as he comes back from Sarawak mission trip. This sms evoke fear and impressed on the reality of 'dying' for Christ. Just to share that over the weekend , i have got a peek at my father's direction. He has declined to be renominated as an elder in his church. He has been faithfully serving God with his own pension expenses in the ministry of preaching and prayer for the church. And now , he is impressed to go beyond structure to more evengelism focussed.

The church that he is serving is still as chaotic and marginalized. Important to have a God fearing Pastor and leader , which we are thankful in our church. Always sad to see how human politicking / will undermind the very institution that God placed in that place. But God's purpose will not be undermined and He will raise up other leaders in the absence of the 2 chinese Presby churches. I notice 2 items which are dangerous :

1) Wealth maintenance - so much time is done used maintain the landbanks. Lands that were donated were not used for mission . Instead , the focus and time were diverted towards developing those lands to earn money. And the sense of reliance and thanksgiving on God were lost as compared to the assets. And of course, a lot of arguments ( like a family dividing the will ) .

A church will always have enough. May we learn also to be a cheerful giver when we have abundance.

2) Word that is ' not alive'. How can 2 fundamental churches that is based so much on the teaching of the bible have such history ? I suspect that if word is taken as an academic pursuit with fundamental emphasis on knowledge gained , yet is not practised nor any transforming sanctification effect nor bearing of fruits may be dangerous. For faith without work is dead. Talk ( head knowledge ) is cheap , do is hard. We are called to be the light that is burned to shine for others , not a loudspeaker. haha.

Had my first dose of hepatitis B injection today . aggehh .. hate needles.

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