Our Loving Prime Minister Najib

PM shocked by Ah Long cruelty (and image from thestar)
PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is shocked and appalled at the level of cruelty loan sharks inflict on defaulters and wants authorities to take action against the culprits.

The Prime Minister said he could not believe how inhumane some Ah Longs could be against those who fail to settle their debts.

“I’m truly shocked with what the media had reported. Authorities must take swift action.
Treated like animals: Two of the loan shark victims awaiting rescue in a cell during a police raid at a shoplot in Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, in a May 27 file photo. — Bernama

This is a lesson for all Malaysians. I hope they realise the danger and negative implications of borrowing money from loan sharks. The public should never take loans from them,” he told reporters yesterday.

The Prime Minister was commenting on media reports of three men who were rescued by the police after being held captive for two months by loan sharks when they failed to settle their debts.

The victims, aged 25, 34 and 49 years, were abducted from Segambut, Semenyih and Gombak and were held in a shoplot in Seri Kembangan after failing to settle their debts of between RM1,500 and RM4,000 each.
They were found chained by their necks and legs and showed signs of having beaten by their captors.


This article really caught my attention. Yes, it is intended to be spinned that the PM Najib is very concerned about his people. But too bad the press people can't spin his words.
“This is a lesson for all Malaysians. I hope they realise the danger and negative implications of borrowing money from loan sharks. The public should never take loans from them,”
In short, its your own fault citizens! Who asked you to borrow money from loan sharks?
Just because it is hard to get loan from the banks, ah long stickers & business are legalized, the escalation of cost of living and doing business, the failure of court to adequately remediate non payment of service/goods suits, the lack of social net for the poor, the decrease of the access to healthcare for the poor, turning blind eye on illegal gambling activities .... why did you need to turn to Ah Long?
He did not even talk about why the police did not catch this actvity earlier. Why are the police asked to go to Perak and all the different places to catch civil societies and opposition?
The logic of our PM is that if the people are caught ( and obviously go missing, in which police reports were made) and put into a non-makeshift jail ( note the toilet facility that is included) , it is the fault of those people to borrow the money. Padan Muka.

Spin and spend more money to have better reputation

IPOH: The Perak Barisan Nasional government will soon release 50,000 DVDs of the tumultuous May 7 state assembly sitting to the public.

State executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said that there were three versions of the edited videos -- one with a Mandarin voice-over, another in Bahasa Malaysia and a final, shorter clip called the “MTV” version, which comes complete with music.

“In the videos, the people will get to see who started the fight, who climbed on the table to shout, who threw the Standing Orders booklet, who banged on the tables with their fists, who started pushing others and even who was the one who broke several microphones in the hall,” he claimed.

On whether the video would include scenes of how former Speaker V. Sivakumar had been forcibly removed from his seat, Dr Mah said, “Well, actually we do not mind putting in that clip too. We want the public to see everything.” In double speak, it means that they did not put that in.

He said the videos were merely condensed versions of the full seven-hour sitting, which was one of the nation’s most notorious assembly sessions to date.

“Within the next two or three days, we will get the copies printed and they will be made available to the public.

“The DVDs will probably be placed in our Barisan component party offices or in the offices of our state executive councillors in the State Secretariat,” he said at a press conference here Tuesday.
Dr Mah said that the idea to produce the DVDs was mooted after Pakatan Rakyat released “one-sided” clips of the sitting that “were not reflective of what had truly occurred” on May 7. I actually tot that the police came in and confiscate the disk, the DVD player and anything associated to the screening.. in a private party. How does Mah know?

“They failed to show how it had been them (Pakatan) who had first crossed the hall to attack the Barisan.

“This is not fair to us because what the people need to see is exactly what had transpired on that day,” he said.

It is learnt that for the production of the DVD, the Barisan government had obtained footage from all TV stations that had covered the sitting, including the state-owned Perak News Online. Anybody who watched any of the TV stations would see how one sided the report are. It shows basically what Mah talks about. So, there is nothing new actually than what one gets from our very obedient dogs in media.

Ok, the Pakatan is evil and everything is manipulated to ensure that the rakyat hates UMNO. Mah, from MCA lost his integrity when he accepted the post to give credence to UMNO's claim that they care about all races. The week before, he was articulating about his personal response to the Perak situation but seemed to throw it down to the toilet bowl. We just watch the unedited version and knows what actually happened.

I wonder how much government will spend ?

Talak talak .. talk talk

( Image from)

Refering to my latest post on the social outlook among british younger generation, I was equally taken aback by these 2 postings at the Star, on the same day.

I had sex with wife after proclaiming divorce, says singer - Jamal Abdillah, a popular Malaysian singer.

Court: Roslin’s divorce valid - Roslin Hashim, a one point 'good' badminton player.

Both are celebrities in their own right and they are public figures. Both divorced their wives by the same method of mere utterence while seating on the car or at home. I was just taken aback by the seemingly casualness ( no pre divorce counselling?) which have huge consequences for the future. This is definately in the realm of religious law and it is lawful. I do feel for the womenfolk though that their marriage can be like ' telur di hujung tanduk'.
These should be abnormal cases but we are not sure if the Joe public behaves differently. The continual rise of single mothers in Malaysia and divorcee should be perplexing. And like Britain, it will have its own share of demographic challenges.

I want to puke

Zamry the usurper,illegal so called MB of Perak said that he is of equal greatness to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.He just obtained a court order to change his name to Zamry Gandhi Mandela and was immediately approved by another newly appointed judge.

In the latest development, the media was abuzz with a sms received from a strange location. Reporters got a copy of the sms and was shocked by the content.

"Hey Zamry macha, Saddam here. I am better than both these people. One is not a leader of the state, the other just for a few years. But, i was in absolute control .. and people worship me. It seemed that you want to experience that as well. You also have a bad temper, just like me but i have guns to shoot and you only have the police. Quote la my name, macha? Its S-A-D-D-A-M."

In Colhester for the weekend

On Sunday, went to All Souls church in Oxford Circus. This would be one of the church to be part of in London theologically. A metropolitan church with a mixture of cultures reflecting the christian promise that all are called to be children of God. It is structured and they have a wonderful team of classical musicians that uplifts. The sermon is theologically strong & loads of middle class and above worshippers.
(2 All Souls Pl, London, W1B 3DA, United Kingdom‎ - 020 75803522)
New songs to try : Come praise the name of Jesus ( Christopher Idle)
Jesus draw me ever nearer ( Margaret Becker & Keith Getty)
Jesus Christ you came into this world to rescue me ( Noel Richards @ Thankyou Music)
Met Sarah who hails from Vancouver, finished her postgraduate in Toronto and working in the social service line. I do observe a lot of postgraduates around.
A day in Colhester
Oh, it was a lovely day in the outskirst of London to meet with my former lecturer from UPM and her husband. Ms Ho has been a dear Christian leader in our student ministry who has given so much care and attention to her students. I remember speaking to her about relationships and crying together in our struggles. Her husband was my support group mentor who mentors the cell group leaders of the day. Both of them introduced me to work with the orang asli and to go beyond my own preference to help others. We had a wonderful day to watch Bluebelle and other flowers in the park with their kids and friends ( Andy and Wai Mun, with Michael and Adam). Fred, Wai Fong and myself then walked to the town where we tried to get cheap wind breakers for myself but i was a tad too choosy.
I also have a good time to catch up on the reality of the social fabric in United Kingdom. While it is invisible in London, the mood in the smaller towns are more visible. The story of single mothers who are immensely young ( from 16 years old above) to be able to obtain welfare houses is a shocker. They create subsequent challenges where the children does not get supportive parenting, resulting in children that seemingly with issues and anger. I saw a young mother pushing a pram and smoking. I saw groups of children lepaking in the evening with typical 'gangster' based behaviour of intimidation. Thirdly, the single parents tries to find different partners. The culture of staying together without official marriage legitimacy creates another set of issues & more breakdown of the family institution. Families where the parents choses to stay together when able and where the siblings maybe from different relationships. It is all too confusing for an adult like me, and I emphatize with the childrens who tries to make sense of their life.

Colhester Town

The main tourist attraction, a medieval castle.

UMNO using force to usurp the rights of people

Malaysia Waves: The Men In Black That Dragged Siva Away Is In Violation Of the Magistrate Court Injunction Too.

I can't imagine how people can come in to a parliament and drag the speaker out.. and jail him.

I also can't imagine how newspaper like the Star can ignore all this and spin their news in favour of UMNO. ( i gave a note to Chun wai in his blog that it is a sell out)

Pariah all the way to UMNO.

African church in Vauxhall

A very warm, energetic and prayerful church close to where I am staying. Both Lester and I was actually looking for a Baptist church when I got awefully lost. This is the first time for us being able to worship together with brethens from a different cultural approach. I totally enjoyed the song singspiration and also looking at some old ladies praying in their native Nigerian etc. languages at the end of the session.
We tried a Colombian restaurant at the working class subord of Brixton. I had a nice grape softdrink called ava. For 8 pounts, a huge bowl of soup of beans + potatoes. The rice is excitingly fragrant and salty. The pork is very nicely done. There is a pancake of sorts, another pancake made out of banana, some salty salad and avacado. I enjoyed the food and there was enough to take away for dinner. Of course, the beautiful Colombian waitresses are a plus.

Tower bridge log on bank weekend

Day 3 synopsis.
Yeah, I felt like when I ran over the historical Tower Bridge of London this morning with chariot of fire on the background. Up at 6.30 a.m and it was just freezing. But the good stuff is that there I did not sweat!
2. Borough Market - a 4 pound spanish cheese toast, yogurt + strawberries + peach.
3. Tate - contemporary art area.
4. A nice shop that sells crepes .. it was too early when i stroll past.
5. Visited the queen at buckingham by mistake , and enjoy the birds chirping at her huge park.
6. The guards are still there .. looking bored.
7. Ohhhhhh .. found out where the police horses are kept. It is down the road from the Tourism Malaysia office. Btw, the Tourism Malaysia office is in such a strategic ( and expensive) area that their lousy decoration is a joke.
Verdict on the jog: It is cool to be able to jog without getting humidly tired. There goes the scapegoat. So, I got to buck up.
All this before the afternoon. Think I will catch a nap before my friend comes.
On the politics front, my vote for the bad tempered siao len ( small men) goes to Zamry, the ciplak MB of Perak. He is having another lock in with police and everything else to keep hold of his illegal power grab. This is not a towering figure and a joke to democracy.

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