First day in Uptown

Uptown boy !!

Phew , it was a long day . Stayed up till about 3 am to wash up the house for the prospective tenant to view. Did much ironing and cleaning. And that came after a long drive from Muar , plus a simple dance class - in which i missed half of it.

Good news!! After tuning , my car engine is going on pretty efficiently . It took my about RM57 to drive down and up to KL - with still some spare. That is the best news for this year!

First day at work seems ok . Arrived slightly early at before 9.00 and waited for the boss . And .. got my first laptop Dell Latitude 1.6 Ghz with 40 gig drive. Not bad. But the IT guys were running about and could not get my password till later.

Went through the org chart and then followed a sales rep called Shirley downtown to KL - went to the Weld , Low Yat and Sungei Wang to visit the stores. It was a different experience running about. Helped her with her stuff and learn a bit more about the brands. And see how the competitors are doing in the store. Actually a very competitive environment.

Had a cool rice cooked with sauteed brinjal in Sungei Way - it was super good! no kidding - spicy and fragrant. Perhaps with a little -- ahem --- .

Rushed back at 4.00 to meet Mag before she leaves . Got her a nice carrot cake from Secret Recipe Shop - the lady was very nice but do wish that they have a bag to make it easier carrying the cake. Took a taxi back and cost me RM13.10. Shall not imagine if it is during peak time.

Celebrated Mag's birthday with Veronica , my sis's ex boss . BOth of us sang the birthday song. It was kinda.... silent as the rest of the HR were coming back from Beijing . But we had fun never the less. Veron was laughing as she walks out. Then we had some cake and use the extra to 'greese' ( or is it cheesed ? ) the introduction to new people. Went around asking people to eat cake and doing some intro. Not bad for creativity.

Met : - Ken , Rachel ( ex WD too ) , Shirley , Vincent ( Finance Ctrl ) , Liz .. and many more.

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