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Ponder sometime one what is the difference between Muslim and Christian teaching ? One of them is something called forgiveness. If God can forgive our sins ... what then?

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I remember a visiting Pastor from UK who knelt down in the middle of his sermon to apologise to Malaysians for the occupation of the country. Can both sides have enough courage to do the same to each other? Perhasp should extend the question to the Japs / Chinese /Korean as well.

Wouldn't you say that Christians have apologized because they recognized that they did not live up to the ideals of their faith, such as turning the other cheek? A lot of Muslims might think, however, that the Islamic doctrine of jihad justifies certain violent actions. Thus, they may not be so willing to apologize.
That's true. Islam doesn't teach you to forgive your enemies. But, for the sake of truth, we need to confront them. We can do it lovingly, but we need to do it.

One final conclusion by the writter that seemed so matured.

I think it's very much waging peace on Islam rather than taking a militant stance as Christians. It's a kind of spirit. It's doing mission in the light of the Cross, or in the shadow of the Cross. It's a spirit of reconciliation, and it certainly does help. And Muslims respond. They do.

Seeing Christ on the Cross forgive his enemies in The Passion of the Christ was really quite powerful for Muslims. They may have gone to see the movie with wrong motives, but the fact that he forgave his enemies from the Cross seemed to touch them. Many, many Muslims went to see this movie. It was very powerful.
Do you expect Kingdom of Heaven to have an effect on Christian-Muslim relations?
I don't know. I hope it doesn't hinder them, because there's enough already out there to worsen conditions.

Wonder what i will learn from the "Return of the Sith "?

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