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Another hallmark of the occupation of Iraq by the United States. Today , the country will be forced to vote for a government that will most probably be less desired by the occupiers than they hoped. With the every increasing 'noises' among the conservatives , pro-wars and even church goers in US on the realism of the war and cost , George Bush is hard pressed to make sure that they do not loose in the counting of votes. In fact , would there be a chance that "votes manipulation' will happen? Lets pray that the adminstration would not go lower than that what it is already now.

A more meaningful leadership lineup has been stated. We thank those who have contributed in the past year , and this year's list looked increasingly solid. May God continue to watch over the work of reaching out to the people in the workplace.

Here are the leadership list for iBridge in the year 2005.
iBridge caters for young graduates in the ages of 21-35.
We take pride at serving all of you and ensuring that together, we can all grow in Him and through Him.

If you want to suggest or volunteer in any area, you can contact any of the people below.
Internet Team - In charge of iB yahoo group, website and all other matters related to internet Dave Chong - Tel: 019-3356095
Irene Kiew - Tel:019-2217875
Headstart - In charge of all headstart groups, leaders, members & manual and training Liew Cow Yuan - Tel: 012-2072085
Development - To recruit members to iB through universities, FES, OCF, network and partner with other organisations and individuals. Nixson Rudd - Tel: 016-2625100
Face-2-Face - To organize face to face meetings for iBridge which may include annual camp, outing, seminars etc Ang Ee Wei - Tel: 012-2342692
26-35 Ministry - havent given a proper name yet for this ministry. Basically, this team will study, suggest and implement programs / needs for those in the ages of 26-35. Dr Yap Yoke Yeow - Tel: 012-3056912 , Elaine Yap
Treasurer - One of the main agenda for 2005 will be to raise fund for FES
Carmen Chin - Tel: 012-3721282
James Daniel - Tel:012-6706717
Dr Living Lee Chai Peng -
Alvin Ung and Huey Fern - currently studying in Regent College, Canada.

Christmas in January?

First , the questions here is why not celebrate Christmas , rite?

The first 2 paragraphs are basically the nature of the birth of Christ that is proclaimed . A Christ that is not only proclaimed by Prophet Isiah , Micah , David etc. through the time . In fact , John did write that Christ is the "word , - (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning.) " before beginning of time . It is a birth predestined through ages from Genesis onwards , so the references created by Julienne is correct.

Now , the issue of celebration may be the reason that the writter tot that Christmas is not worth celebrating . I would like to categorically agree that if "Christmas" as it is today are not celebrated , it will still be ok . And the reason is not because of its 'pagan' roots , not the commercialization of the Christmas celebrations ( drinking , eating and being merry ) , but the fact that the 'message' and reality ( a relationship with God ) is enough for people who have Christ in their heart. Every day is Christmas?

But consider this. The reasons that was put forth looks more at their own benefit only . Sorry that this may sound strong , but the scripture did ask us to proclaim the word to the 'ends of the earth" , and not only to " cover the lamp " from shinning. I think Christ understand the nature of human to guard and enjoy themselves all the best things in life . And there is second to none than salvation , by grace through faith in Christ. So , though the argument of personal enjoyment of a relationship is enough , the other side of the coin is that it is also a duty to proclaim the message. And the 'world of peace and justice' will not happen until every tribe and nations have been proclaimed with the good news . ( And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24.14 )

So , as much as the argument that this " personal relationship " is the reason for not celebrating Christmas is a weak one , it is also a weak argument that everybody must celebrate . But 'celebration' is understanding , remembering and proclaiming the birth of Christ to the rest of the population. It does not have to be a 'commercial affair celebration" , it may be just a rememberence , exultation , worship . etc. It can be also just a family affair to uphold each other and enjoy a good catching up . The fact is , many may be turned off by the 'accepted' commercial Christmas duties ( eat, drink and be merry .. for tomorrow you will die? . Oh , this includes shopping ) that Christmas smells like another opportunity to have fun . There is no direct scriptural message for either arguments , so we are blessed with 'wisdom from above" to make the best of the situation .

Even with the Pagan root , I will still remember Christmas . As with us being sinnners and reclaimed into 'light , so a pagan celebration was reclaimed into something good. Christmas is as much for myself to remember the birth of Christ and all the details that God has preplanned to make this happen . It is also a time to share , educate and proclaim Him to so many people who dun normally attend church / not in contact with. To me , the 'benefit' outweights the cost.

Seven centuries before Jesus’ birth, Isaiah prophesied about him: “There has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder.” (Isaiah 9:6) Why did Isaiah indicate that Jesus’ birth and subsequent role would be so significant? Because Jesus would become a mighty ruler. He would be called Prince of Peace, and there would be no end to peace or to his princely rule. Furthermore, Jesus’ rulership would be sustained “by means of justice and by means of righteousness.” – Isaiah 9:7.

The angel Gabriel echoed Isaiah’s proclamation when he announced Jesus’ coming birth to Mary. “This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High,” he predicted. “And Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, and he will rule as king over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end of his kingdom.” (Luke 1:32, 33) Clearly, the main significance of Jesus’ birth lay in the work that Christ would accomplish as the appointed King of God’s Kingdom. Christ’s rule can benefit all, including you and your loved ones. In fact, the angels indicated that his birth would bring “peace on earth to those with whom [God] is pleased.” – Luke 2:14, Today’s English Version.

Who does not long to live in a world of peace and justice? But to enjoy the peace that Christ’s rule will bring, we need to please God and have a good relationship with him. Jesus said that the first step to such a relationship is to learn about God and Christ. “This mean everlasting life,” Jesus said, “their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” – John 17:3.

Once we know Jesus well, we need no longer wonder how he would like us to remember him. Would it be by eating, drinking, and exchanging presents on the same date as an ancient pagan festival? That seems unlikely. The night before he died, Jesus told his disciples what he preferred. “He that has my commandments and observes them, that one is he who loves me. In turn he that loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him.” – John 14:21.

Let’s study the Holy Scriptures extensively so that we can understand what the commands of God and Jesus are, and also gain insight into those vital commands so that we can remember Jesus as he should be remembered.

What a weekend!!!!

Back in work this morning .Phew . it was long weekend. I managed to finish my assignment on Saturday early morning. 30 plus pages of 'rotten analysis' . It is like using a method that supposed to build a car to review a fully built car. It was very 'troubling' as my logical mind failed to comprehend the significance of the process. At the end , it was down to the basic question of grades. So , that submission is only to get some mark. But i did 'beautify' it by putting more colours etc. I hope my lecturer like colour and photos. haha .

So , Sat was another day of long lectures . 8 am - 1 pm ... was my first class. I actually woke up at 8 only with a big headache. Scrambbled out of my bed to take bath and do my necessary daily bathroom tasks. haha . Then revved up the car to the varsity . Managed to arrive there are 8.25 but guess what , we had a morning breakfast break!!! The lecturer did not have her breakfast , so decided to give us one as well . How thoughful of her as i did not have mine as well!!! hehe . Ok , so things were looking well. Had another replacement class from 2 pm-5 pm . Did a presentation for another assignment . Chabut before the last group finishes their presentation on "metacognitive" ( what?) to attend a wedding at FGA KL .

It was THE marriage of my ex-cell group leader / co - leader in my varsity days . His name is also Joseph , but he is an indian . Of course , 'coincidently' the third Joseph ( Vijaraj ) played piano on that night. His wife is called Eunice , a chinese Hakka lady from Sitiawan . And i was there when their romance blossomed. hehe . It was fabulous to see so many of my seniors and juniours attending their wedding . Nowadays , wedding is a time to catch up with each other . I was telling another guy ( Hock Lok - the most eligible Christian bachelor in Klang Valley ) that at the end of all these weddings .. i would have memorized the wedding vow. In fact , he said that he is halfway there. Wonder if that is a sign?!

But the 'news' of the day is when 3 pair of my juniours decided to tell me that they are getting married this year. It was stressful bombardment of "when is yours?" and " you are not young already loh": . aisks .. they are sounding like parents already. haha

Allan and Pei Gee - 8 October 05
Peter and Phan - November 05
Kian Hee and Magdelene- November 05

Oh ya , Adeline is 7 months pregnant now . Hey , i did not notice that in the last wedding that we met .

Church on Sunday was a great relieved. Got around fetching my cousins and 2 friends early so that we can do an Indian breakfast together. Then after service , we had a "Slave Auction" process to generate fund ( not fun ) for the youth work . Slaves are auctioned to the highest bidder that will then be used to do work , in exchange for the money . Thank God that everything went on very well in spite of the confusion during the planning stage. But God makes things happen . The money will then be chanelled to our social work ( this year would be to the Orang Asli work in Shah Alam ) and maybe to fund some poor students for camps. We actually raised over RM1600 for these .. it was just incredible .

Then we had good lunch at a preanakan Penang food place. Went to check out a house that i will help to house-sit for the next 2 months and then send the kids back to their college. After that - time to read newspaper on my bed .. and zzZzZZZzzzZ. esp cool since it rained.

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