Worship at St Andrew's [20 September 2004]

Praise to God !! That was an awesome time of worship that S2S had in St Andrews on Saturday . Of course , we had a lot of planning hiccups and worship practise non-moments. But God has use the group in the most amazing manner ... . All praise to him.It rained cats and dogs and sinks that day . Before that , almost half of the worship team was up from early morning till afternoon for S2S Q4 planning meeting . On top of that , we had the last worship + practise till 2 plus . And Chiao and I then adjurned to the Beyond headstart group - which was intellectually challenging ( jealousy , envy , self image and self concept .. wowo ) while the rest were lunging the equipments and setting up for the night worship .

When i arrive , detected that most of the youths are in the early teens group . The fast songs will get the moving , but the worship part may wear them out . But i guess the major worry i had then is when i was introduced to the new American pastor .. Pastor Tom . He has the strongest handshake for any pastors and I tot that the worship may be too different that what he had last time . Anyway , all praise to Him . It went on without much fuss , better than our practises. And we had another jamming session after that. It was just youthfy thing that I could have done and enjoy if my age starts with '1x'.

Tired , yet refreshed. And went back to church and to mamak .. biggest mamak group for some time now . Sunday worship was also good . Too tired and not too prepared , but God is in control . Somehow , the songs has much more significant connection than when i choose them originally . Of course , gota stressed out my pianist and musicians .. then introduce pscyho-motocally challenged hand movements to confuse the congregation. But a few times when i peek , notice some individuals are actually singing .. and even praying . Wow , hope it inspires them to have a closer relationship /worship on their own . Now , gota go back to my assignments . Tonight , Don Carson is going to speak on Revelations . May just go for one day . Mother is coming up .. important. hehe

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