Khidmat Negara - No 2 in MSN Search ranking worldwide [7 September 2004]

Some say that there is a silver lining in everything , if you 'search' hard enough .

Apparently there was a great difficulty for hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who wanted to know whether they or their children were successful in their quest to be a participant in the Khidmat Negara programme ( National Service ) . In their eagerness , the 8 toll-free phonelines were jammed pack by callers. So , the logical way ahead is to go through the cyberspace reminiscent of Americans when 9/11 happened few years ago. Search engines are the necessary tool to be used here , especially when one does not know which Malaysian government website hosts them nor if it is operational. Finally , the number of tries and retries managed to push the "Khidmat negara" to a silver medal in MSN search worldwide.

I think that for the first time in many years that I notice a Malaysian-only search requirement appear so high in international ranking . As we celebrate the national day tomorrow , why not push this to another level to be no 1 ?! . Of course on a hindsight , it may mean that those 'technical failures' that the government websites could easily overcome are still not solved. I would prefer efficiency than another record breaking feat .

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