Exam Time --- arggghh [12 October 2004]
Hi , Tired of reading stuff ... cause starting from this week till the next 3 weeks is when i will be assessed on what i have learned this semester. Instructional Technology - everytime that is mentioned , it will almost immediately bring a blank face to the the next person .Wanna make a guess who is not a key person in this discipline 1. Piaget 2. Rowntree3. Johnassen 4. William Hung Easy rite ?Btw, this cult hero is back in Asia Pacifc - visiting his preferred country Singapore . Apparently , some minister in Taiwan called this country a hard taik hidung . ( nasal phelgm ) and backed up by burnining of the Singaporean flags by its citizens. i think that is too much , from one US loving country to another . They should talk and pat each others back like their master .. or is it becoz the master is too busy trying to win some elections. Sheep

United Nations after 7 years
Nothing can be more interesting than to have a bunch of old pals together. We were called the "United Nations" group in UPM .. cause the group consists of a plethora of socio economic combinations. 1. Me - the handsome one , Chinese Male2.Conrad - the more handsome and muscular national hockey player , Chindian Male 3.Chris - the kuricacik - Chinese Hakka Female 4.Yee Lu - our east Malaysian friend who is fluent in BM . Chinese Female 5.Marina - ole tennis pal from Muar , very pretty and increasing in La " " - Chindian Female 6.Sherinder - ever grinning and blur - our Sikh Femal friend 7. Julie - the motherly figure who is of a mix of ethics ( no idea ) - semua taruk . Our first gathering where everybody is present .. after 7 years . There were 2 camps ... with national border intact. The Marriage - babies - pampers group and the happening Single - dun- say -"Mar " - or -else !!!! group . But it was fun turning my head and talking different things at the same time . And the best things are the part where Conrad takes out his laptop to show his collection of photos . Yep , we have all grown up .... at least chorologically . Nice to chat with you people . Lets do it again ...

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