Finally, PR government reaches out to Orang Asli

One of the commitments is to now expedite the process of dealing with the
stalemate of Orang Asli land in Selangor. One of the great things the Pakatan
Rakyat government in Perak did was to form an Orang Asli Taskforce,
headed and led by Orang Asli themselves
. They would then deal with
these problems and report it to the Exco. This was applauded by many.

Read more:Dialogue between Selangor and the Orang Asli

Till Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli is headed and led by the Orang Asli, they will continue to be marginalized and subjected to the demands of the officials. Why build Mosques in kampung when they need plain water? And more importantly, their rights to their land.

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