Spin and spend more money to have better reputation

IPOH: The Perak Barisan Nasional government will soon release 50,000 DVDs of the tumultuous May 7 state assembly sitting to the public.

State executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said that there were three versions of the edited videos -- one with a Mandarin voice-over, another in Bahasa Malaysia and a final, shorter clip called the “MTV” version, which comes complete with music.

“In the videos, the people will get to see who started the fight, who climbed on the table to shout, who threw the Standing Orders booklet, who banged on the tables with their fists, who started pushing others and even who was the one who broke several microphones in the hall,” he claimed.

On whether the video would include scenes of how former Speaker V. Sivakumar had been forcibly removed from his seat, Dr Mah said, “Well, actually we do not mind putting in that clip too. We want the public to see everything.” In double speak, it means that they did not put that in.

He said the videos were merely condensed versions of the full seven-hour sitting, which was one of the nation’s most notorious assembly sessions to date.

“Within the next two or three days, we will get the copies printed and they will be made available to the public.

“The DVDs will probably be placed in our Barisan component party offices or in the offices of our state executive councillors in the State Secretariat,” he said at a press conference here Tuesday.
Dr Mah said that the idea to produce the DVDs was mooted after Pakatan Rakyat released “one-sided” clips of the sitting that “were not reflective of what had truly occurred” on May 7. I actually tot that the police came in and confiscate the disk, the DVD player and anything associated to the screening.. in a private party. How does Mah know?

“They failed to show how it had been them (Pakatan) who had first crossed the hall to attack the Barisan.

“This is not fair to us because what the people need to see is exactly what had transpired on that day,” he said.

It is learnt that for the production of the DVD, the Barisan government had obtained footage from all TV stations that had covered the sitting, including the state-owned Perak News Online. Anybody who watched any of the TV stations would see how one sided the report are. It shows basically what Mah talks about. So, there is nothing new actually than what one gets from our very obedient dogs in media.

Ok, the Pakatan is evil and everything is manipulated to ensure that the rakyat hates UMNO. Mah, from MCA lost his integrity when he accepted the post to give credence to UMNO's claim that they care about all races. The week before, he was articulating about his personal response to the Perak situation but seemed to throw it down to the toilet bowl. We just watch the unedited version and knows what actually happened.

I wonder how much government will spend ?

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