Family tree - Mom's maternal side.

Mom, Pei Ching, Dad, Lynette, Yee Pin, Auntie and Uncle Lim & Grace

Compilation on the Lim Clan and writings.
Manage to see my mom's uncle from Singapore. He is 78 years old and have EVER met me even once since I was born. Of course, it was a hard sell initially to wait around at relatives place than to watch some movies and lazing around in the cool of the rain. But I knew that it is a chance that I should not let go off. Both uncle and auntie Lim is still very strong and active. They are generous with their sharings of the past.This post on the last day of 2008 is to remember the very people that made us. This one is for the "Lim Clan" of Kuala Pilah.

Not everyone can ride a bike

Update: And seemed that it is ok as well for these UMNO NGOs to have children in their demonstration.

Some 1500 protesters in Penang from Malaysian Coalition of Malay NGOs called on Malay rulers to revoke the citizenship of Malaysians who dispute Malay special rights and demanded safeguards to their special position as enshrined in the constitution.
Among them are
400 children.

Remember the controversy of JERIT where police was doing a great job stopping groups of riders and making a big fuss over 'the use of children in demonstration'? The same group that used children to demonstrate in KL called PEWARIS are now doing the same and again, without much controversy. PEWARIS is a group of pseudo NGO politicians from UMNO who are keen to beat up the sentiment of race in Malaysia. So, they can ride their bike and other people can't la?!

Maybe they will even get police escort as they join the 800 people crashing in on an opposition event.

Surely, you don't expect that it will end up peacefully with that number of people coming together.

Surely, the police will not issue a permit to PEWARIS as it is common sense that there is a risk. Especially a group that likes to burn things and put out banners that looks down on other race/ religion.


Isu babi: NGO Melayu mahu serah memo pada Hadi
Jimadie Shah Othman Dec 29, 08 7:09pm
Tiga NGO berteraskan Melayu akan menghantar memorandum kepada Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang malam ini berhubung isu penternakan babi di Melaka.Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) akan mengepalai rombongan 800 penyokong yang turut terdiri daripada Gerakan Graduan Melayu Muda (GGMM) dan Persatuan Pengguna Islam (PPIM), untuk menyerahkan memorandum itu ketika presiden PAS itu menghadiri program anti-ISA di Stadium Bandar Baru Bangi malam ini.Mereka juga berhasrat untuk menyerahkan memorandum yang sama kepada penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim malam ini.

Bagaimanapun, ketua pembangkang kini berada di luar negara.Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) dan parti-parti pembangkang malam ini mengadakan Majlis pelancaran kempen mansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang gagal disempurnakan bulan lalu.Berbeza dengan program bulan lalu, kali ini pihak penganjurnya telah mendapatkan permit polis.Minggu lalu, empat replika babi yang dibuat daripada kertas, dibakar di perkarangan Hotel Samudera Resort Riverside, Masjid Tanah sebagai membantah perbuatan pihak tidak bertanggungjawab yang menggantung kepala babi pada kain rentang Pewaris.Timbalan presiden Pewaris, Rahimudin Md Harun dilaporkan berkata, tindakan membakar replika haiwan tersebut bertujuan mendesak kerajaan Melaka memindahkan kawasan ternakan haian itu ke kampung penduduk Cina.

Berbasikal serah memo
Beliau juga dilaporkan berkata, sekiranya isu tersebut tidak diselesaikan, pihaknya akan membawa satu replika babi ke perhimpunan Umno Mac depan.Di samping itu, katanya, Pewaris juga akan menuntut pemimpin PKR dan PAS supaya berusaha menghapuskan ternakan babi di kawasan berkenaan.Ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini, Rahimudin berkata, keputusan menyerahkan memorandum itu dibuat atas dasar kedua-dua pemimpin berkenaan merupakan "pemimpin Islam yang ada suara dan boleh mempengaruhi keputusan kerajaan".Selain itu, katanya, 30 orang akan berbasikal menghantar memorandum itu daripada Masjid Bandar Baru Bangi, tidak jauh daripada tempat pelancaran program anti-ISA itu.Rahamudin menafikan kehadiran mereka akan mengganggu majlis dan mencetuskan keadaan tidak tenang kerana perkara itu telah dimaklumkan terlebih dahulu melalui surat rasmi kepada kedua-dua tokoh pembangkang berkenaan."Hindraf (Barisan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu) boleh hantar memorandum dalam majlis yang dihadiri 50,000 orang tidak ada apa-apa, majlis ini pun Insya-Allah (berlangsung aman). "Kita datang cara baik. Kita datang bukan hendak gaduh," katanya.

On Pig farming, the same Chief Minister of Malacca ( Ali Rustam) is gearing up to take up higher positions in UMNO. And suddenly, the pig issue crops up. This is the same issue that catapulated himself to be one of the warlords of UMNO. Such coincidence is pretty uncanny. But, take a look at the suffering that people need to go thru for his agenda to succeed.

Farmers running away from the house which was torched down. Reminds me of the armies who plunder and burn villagers. This was actually done by the Malaccan government.

On the pig carcass, my stand has always been that it is a huge insult and is meant to aggreviate the situation. Whoever who did this must be punished. The police have not completed its work and PEWARIS/ UTUSAN keep pointing the finger at the pig farmers. That would only make things worst. PEWARIS should not egg the emotions and take advantage of the situation. This again serve to remind us that NOT EVERYONE IN MALAYSIA IS THE SAME. Double standards rule!

Blessed Christmas

My first family Christmas in Singapore. Since both my sister have moved to Singapore to cari makan, my father decided to break away from the monotony and do the family gathering down south this year. Aside from the jam of cars and people, it has been a pretty cooling session with rains and all.

But what is interesting is how Singapore has managed to come out and be a forefront of the real meaning of Christmas. It is not about gift or having a family holiday. It is about Christ. The birth of Christ the saviour who brings the good news to the human kind. Was in Orchard yesterday and am impressed with the decoration and message. There is no sight of Santa Claus or Santarinas... just the story on the birth of Christ. All along Orchard road was signages and performances that tells the story of Christmas. And, they are all volunteers from the local churches from different races - chinese, indian, indonesia, koreans, pacific islanders, Philipines, japanese etc. from all denomination. What a powerful message that is on the maturity of the state as welll as a testimony of the creative outlet presented to its citizen ( and non citizens but contributes to the republic)

Wonder if the Malaysian will grow up to this maturity? Even the songs in radio stations are about Claus and snow. And the TV shows in our terrestrail TV is equally incorrect.

My best wishes to you and your family. My additional prayer this year is for the Herald publication to get their licence renewed. The minister in charge displayed utter childishness by responding "let them wait". I guess to him, Catholics and Christians are not "US", but "them". We will make sure that we give UMNO our vote during the Kuala Terengganu election. :)

Leave IJN Alone !! - Malaysiakini


Reads like another PR exercise for Sime Darby. Read the artcle and one will not find comfort in the word of the chairman.Already, you can sense the impending doom to IJN.
Talking about synergizing between SJMC and IJN. SJMC is known to be profit oriented and their track record in social responsibility is abysmal. There are even incidences of SJMC refusing patients and emergency cases.
The rakyat would be a fool to think that it will happen. Both Gov and Sime Darby would claim moral victory by saying that the rates will be the same. BUT, the proportion will be much smaller. So, full payer would cover more % than the poor paymaster. Pay poormaster will be given a small ward, unless they upgrade. lalala .

Sime Darby needs to hands off IJN!
Gov't gives green light to IJN privatisation
Dec 18, 08 1:41pm
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said that the government has no objection for Sime Darby Bhd to acquire a stake in the national heart institute (IJN).

A total sell off. Najib's statement shows how uncaring the government is. Another good institution sold of. Just lower the IPP payment (RM1-2 billion per year) and you can keep IJN with a raise for all workers. Najib's response to the hillside tragedy is also hollow - consider HK blueprint so homeowners pay. And the current rakyat subsidy of petrol fuel where government makes RM150 million per month. Government seemed to make all the profit and take away the few institution that is effective for the rakyat.

Why is sime darby so influencial? They got the government to pressure Guthrie etc. to merge and now this... . With their car business suffering, CPO prices down, leaders sacked and put in court .. Sime Darby is not a company that inspire confidence.


Jail for sex with teen hooker - Malaysiakini

A RENOVATION contractor was sentenced to 12 months' jail on Monday for paying $100 to an underaged prostitute for sex.

Tan Chye Hin, 55, pleaded guilty to getting the services of the 16-year-old China prostitute in a Geylang hotel on Aug 4.

The father of three is appealing against the sentence. His $12,000 bail was upped by another $6,000.

Last month, the pimp who abetted him in the offence, Wang Minjiang, 36, was similarly jailed 12 months by the High Court after the prosecution appealed against his original fine of $8,000.
Both Wang and his nephew, Wang Youyi, 31, had been fined for offences under the Women's Charter.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Karen Ang Aiping had sought at least 12 months' jail for Tan.
It was clear, she said, that the primary reason for introducing new laws in the Penal Code was to afford protection to a group of minors aged below 18 from sexual exploitation.

Read more

This story reminded me of the infamous episode involving a 16 year old Malay girl and a certain UMNO warlord. This is the episode that lead to Guan Eng getting ISAed for trying to defend the girl and famil. Of course, the issue is forgotten and nobody got charged. Read thru the court case and you will find extreme details ( bought the girl phone cards and some fruits) and the effectiveness of the court system there. Even the photo of the chap is there.

Rape cases is up. Most of the rapist are close to the family. The court is overstretch & no sign of improving. Rempit shares girlfriends, people are turning to younger prostitutes. Politicians and rich people can try exotic girls ( Mongolians?) and Malaysia is the top women trafficking country in the world. Police are busy trying to protect 'minors' from being exploited in bicycle campaigns.

Would that happen in Malaysia that minors are protected?

At least i know that in 'boring' Singapore's coffee shop, you can get different type of entertainment. hehe.

Enabling orang Asli in Malaysia to learn English

This is my best Christmas gift... to see the fruit of other people's labour :). The video shows children from 6-10 years old in an Orang Asli village conversing in English. Teams of dedicated teacher ( ordinary people where were not trained) went to the village weekly to teach these childrens. Some time, they would come and not see any children. The more faithful ones do pick it up and am very proud of them.

Am proud that there is also another initiative in Bentong.

Muslim / non Muslim marriages in Malaysia

Marriages between Muslims and non Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law, except in certain limited circumstances. Malaysian Islamic law is even more limited than some other schools of Islamic law. International human rights norms however suggest that the prohibition and criminalisation of interfaith marriage is an unreasonable restriction on the rights of men and women to marry and found a family.
Islamic law

Under Islamic law, as I understand it, a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman or a Kitabiyyah. See for example section 10 of the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984:-

Read more

Comedy of errors - the Selangor CPO -Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar

SHAH ALAM: Police will take action against Sungai Siput MP Dr D. Jeyakumar for allegedly using children in an illegal gathering in Rawang on Monday, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said.

Thirty people were arrested in the “Cycling for Change” campaign, organised by Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas or Oppressed People Network, including Rawang assembly member Gan Pei Nei.
Khalid said 28 others, aged 18 and below, were brought to the Rawang police station while officers from the Welfare Department contacted their parents to take them home.

He added that Dr Jeyakumar was arrested later after he admitted to having organised the event which had no police permit.

He said those aged 18 and below were considered children under the Child Act 2001. ”The children were never arrested ... we saved them from being exploited,” he said. - Bernama

The Selangor Chief Police Officer has lost much credibility over the last few months.
1. Lying about close circuit TV - Selangor CPO not telling the truth

2. Lying about police action in making arrests during Negaraku -Selangor CPO Khalid Should Resign For Insulting National Anthem and Lying to Public

3. Lying abut using excessive force used- CPO: We used minimal force to disperse the crowd

4. Deny roughing up Ronnie Liu " if this is rough treatment, it is provided by law"

6. " I don't believe" without investigating, when accused by family of Ng Yee Ping .

I find it extremely tough to trust his words on the handling of the JERIT cyclists. This CPO has repeatedly caught with this pants down with unbelieveable explaination of the events. Did observe that he would fully trust 'his people' and be very defensive on any suggestions or wrongdoing or mistakes. But as a leader of a force that requires honesty, integrity and good judgement, Datuk Khalid were seen wanning.

Goodbye President Bush.

'>Goodbye President Bush.

Iraqi journalist throw W Bush his pair of shoe to celebrate his legacy of illegal war in Iraq.

The Dying Chini Lake , Pahang

Chini Lake evokes a different nostalgia to me. It is the very first area that enables my eyes to be opened up to the disparity that our socio-economy-politics enable us. The Orang Asli of the 3 kampungs were in a sorry state. That was about 10 years ago. I went back to Pahang this year to visit the Bera area and it was equally non developing.

Hence, this screaming topic (on a MOnday morning) attracted me. The Pahang Government is seeking help from the Federal Government to revive Tasik Chini which is dying a slow death.

Tasik Chini, the country’s second largest freshwater lake, used to attract
scores of visitors during its lotus blooming season every year but it is dying
due to a number of factors including illegal mining, logging and pollution which
had adversely affected the entire eco-system.

This is where i don't get it. The mining, logging and land development is all under the purview of the Pahang state. They enjoyed the money that comes out of it thru taxes or some personal monetory arrangements. Just go to Taman Negara and one will find the loggers cutting trees while the eco-tourists are passing by. That is the same with Chini and Bera. To demand additional RM4 million to rehabilitate and RM1 million from federal ( my tax money) annually for maintainence work is a joke while someone from the state government is enjoying windfall from these illegal or sanctioned operations. State Health, Local Government and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Hoh Khai Mun is joking, right?

Correct or politically correct?


Similarly, the Washington Post (12/10,
Glod) reports, "Results of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science
Study (TIMSS), released today, show how fourth- and eighth-graders in the United
States measure up to peers in dozens of countries. U.S. students showed gains in
math at both grades." Specifically, "the average score among fourth-graders has
jumped 11 points since 1995, to 529." Still, "students in Hong Kong, Singapore,
Taiwan, Japan, Russia, and England were among those posting a higher average.
Hong Kong topped the list with an average score of 607." Meanwhile, the "average
science performance" for students in the U.S., "although still stronger than in
many countries, has stagnated since 1995."
Following my postings on Mukriz Mahathir's suggestion where I was asking some hard questions on his thinking process, stumbled upon the latest ranking result for fourth ( Standard 4) and eight graders (Form 2). One of his suggestion was in parotting his father's direction to have science and maths taught in English (non mother tongue). Both Malay and Chinese nationalists insists that it is the wrong strategy. So, lets look at the result and compare the medium of instruction in their public school system.
Hong Kong ( Mother tongue - Mandarin)
Singapore ( "Non mother tongue" - English)
Taiwan ( Mother tongue - Mandarin)
Japan ( Mother tongue - Japanese)
Russia ( Mother tongue - Russian)
England ( Mother tongue - English)

Could not find England's education detail in wiki and my informed guess is that the language would be English.. hehe.
Anyway, based on the ranking (which Malaysia is obviously not included) of results in both areas seemed to point that those who studied English and Mathematics in their mother tongue ( Grade 4 & 8) do perform better.
While Mahathir is very good in politics and have brilliant ideas, the educationists do have a point. Other researchs have also point towards using the language of the native towards teaching science and mathematics. This dipstick analysis is not conclusive yet the array of evidences are there to support this argument. However, we should not discount the robustness of the syllabus and the effectiveness of the governance that contributes to the result. Politicians that refuses to engage their brain to look at data and research before making judgements are just plain lazy. Some are calling Mukriz stupid, but I think he is a smart man but careless with facts.
So, do we want to do the right thing for our education system or do the politically correct thing?

Of Immunity

Why do people want immunity from prosecution?

The Malaysian Sultans lost their immunity in 1993 when a series of abuses were done to the rakyat. The rulers have since adapted except for a fracas or two involving the younglings. As a result, people still retain their respect for this institution.

With the amendment, the Malay Rulers can be charged on any personal wrongdoing, outside of their role and duties as a Ruler. However, the charges cannot be carried out in a normal court of law, but in a Special Tribunal under the purview of the Council of Rulers.

Blackwater is a military contract provider to the US army in Iraq. After years of immunity and wanton killings, the Iraqi government finally managed to arm twist US into lifting of its immunity in exchange that Iraqi government does not ask US to leave. Natural juctice is the allowed to flow. Blackwater security guards charged with killing 14 Iraqis


"In 2006 four people were killed and 43 homes destroyed in a nearby suburband in 1993 a 12-storey condominium tower collapsed, burying 48 people mainly maids
and children." (AFP)
Statutory immunity granted to local authorities under the Section 95 (2) of the Street, Drainage & Building Act 1974 (Act 133) has protected the government over many incidences of mismanagement and covers up the effects of corruption, incompetency and bad decision making. The Highland Towers incident in 1993 shows the unfairness of this clause when the local authority was deemed immune to any criminal charges. Subsequent civil suits by residences was also negated and their final loss was confirmed this year.
The majority decision delivered by Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad said that if
the local councils were made liable, it would open the floodgates to further
claims for economic loss, and this would deplete the council's resources
meant for the provision of basic services and infrastructure. (MB)
And I thought that the council's resources comes from the rakyat who pay taxes and all the assestment rates. So, is it fair that the councils can wantonly decree and decide and even if their decision is damaging and causes people to die, they are free from prosecution? If Sultan and occupiers can be made liable for their mistakes, why is the local council special and beyond reproach?

My heart goes to all who have lost and are impacted by this event. I too live in a high rise condo beside a hill and that scares me.
Why do people want immunity from prosecution? Ask your local councils for the answer.

10 Questions to Mukriz's suggestion

The timing on the idea by Mukriz is so good that it has generated a lot of discussion , accusations and counter accusations even during Hari Raya Haji. I have always liked A Kadir Jasin's writting from his days of NST and welcomes his article which broadly differs from mine; in his firm but fair persona ( old school) and has always been gracious with differing views. This will be my only posting in this issue as I think it will go nowhere except giving a win to Mukriz Mahathir and a loss to UMNO in Kuala Terengganu's by election.

i stayed in the US for several years (Anaheim, Orange County). i observed that
chinese preferred to be within their own circle. you'd not be suprised to find
that quite a number of them couldn't even communicate in proper english. that's
why you can see chinatown all over the world. it's a manifestation of the
chinese attitude. even the indians and arabs are able to adapt to the country
their adopt.

My reply: Muhd Hafiz, thank you for the feedback and I do think myself more of a
Malaysian than my ethinicity. Please don't stereotype.

1. Who do you hang out with in Anaheim?

2. Without doubt, groups of a feather group together. Those who have
travelled more will know of this trend. Even the Arabs and Indians do look for their own community. For example in BKK, there is the little india ( in Nana ), Chinatown and little Arab ( in Sukhumvit).

3. You may think Mukriz is sacrosanct and I think his suggestion is
inadequate. In business, top leaders don't just lay ideas .. they lay plans. And we the kuci brats accross the globe can ask questions to clarify. A good leader would be able to shape his/her plans and give good answers. Even if you worship Mukriz, read that we are focussing on his idea and not his persona. The education minister can lay out plans.

4. In the ladder of knowledge, experience is less received than facts,
figures, rational deductions.
I am just a local graduate who berpidato(ed) in BM, used to be a
top student in BM & bla. We should also know that our workers are in demand due to their ability to speak more than 1 language ( Malay, Arah, Chinese, Tamil, English etc.)

Harapan Sekolah Satu Aliran A Kadir Jasin

Original Posting: I disdain the racial statements that people made though you ask them to debate maturely.

1. From this debate, it seemed that there are many ideas on what to do for the nation's education.

2. In reality, our education system too has been burdened with too many
baggages and ineffiencies that makes anybody resistance to try to change. The reaction by vernacular champions is the same as the UiTM "Malay only" champions.

3. In effect, the suggestion by Mukriz of one solution solves all problem is
to simplistic.

4. To achieve unity, is education the only factor? What about role modelling thru leaders? Or civil consciousness?

5. If education is indeed the sole factor, would someone compare and contrast the effective system of US, Japan etc. in producting united and patriotic population?

6. If not, then the best education system is in contrasting vernacular,
private and national schools academic performance.

7. Mukriz's suggestion will not create a single national school system. It
will divide the education system to private and public. The rich will then have better access to quality education and would they be more/less patriotic?

8. WOuld BN leaders send their children to public schools then? Many people doubt that if the same behaviour from national service is extrapolated.

9. Why not a total revamp of the education system then? Take out the other components on non negotiables ( quotas, race only schools- MARA, Matriculation etc.) and have a out of the box solution.

10. In the absense of concerted solutions to the many questions, Mukriz's
suggestion is hollow that begets the reality of the complexity of the issue.
Give us details on data, plan, strategy, change management and timeline.

Jalan ramai- ramai (Photo)


Naik basikal ramai- ramai (photo)


Naik motor ramai ramai boleh

Dear polis, go and chase mat rempit ya. Article on Jerit cyclists being blocked from cycling in Penang and Kedah. This group is using an interesting mean of putting through the petition.

Still, police say the mat rempit have grown in number to an estimated 200,000 nationwide, menacing other motorists as they compete for money, prestige and women. The racing scene is a two-wheeled version of Hollywood's "The Fast and the Furious" amped on steroids.(From)

Smiley moon :>

Of course this is a fake. (Taken)

Apparently the eyes are the planet Venus and Jupiter. And of course, the earth's moon provides the smile. The planets have no control to my destiny but I did enjoy the sight as did people accross the globe. One even got a photo of the smiley with a nose.
"While they appeared to be close together, in reality they weren't. The crescent moon is 403,000km away while Venus is 149.5 million kilometres away and Jupiter 870 million kilometres.

The unusual astronomical event was observed for several hours early on Monday evening. It will be another five years before it appears again."

Hope I will still be alive then. kekek

1st Day of the last month of 2008

1st December is World Aids Day. I just did a self-test questionnaire in my company's intranet and must admit that am proud to work in a company that has a policy and proactive towards people living with AIDS. I worked under MAC before during my undergraduates days. Do check out the website.

1st December is also a time for reflection. I will be posting 31 reflections on 2008 to mark my 31st year of existence on earth.

Finally, we talked about stigma of HIV/ AIDS patients and I could not resist sharing this by a chap called Bukhari Hood on the turmoil that Malaysian "rational thinking' Muslims face currently on fatwa. While fatwa in many countries are advisory, fatwa in Malaysia becomes a law and have legal implications ( jail etc.) . Have a good read with his parody.

Makin hari umat Islam makin ditindas dan dikongkong. Bukan oleh orang Cina, atau orang India atau orang Yahudi atau orang Kristian. Tetapi dianiya dan dikongkong oleh orang Islam/Melayu sendiri. Please read on.

Selepas fatwa pengharaman yoga, fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang adalah seperti berikut :

Disember 2008
Orang Islam dilarang mandi di kolam renang awam. Di kolam renang awam, akan terdapat orang-orang yang bukan Islam yang memakai pakaian renang yang singkat dan mendedahkan aurat (terutamanya amoi-amoi china yang cun dan seksi). Ini boleh menjejaskan akidah orang Islam. Cara yang paling baik ialah kita haramkan orang Islam dari kolam renang awam.

Januari 2009
Orang Islam dilarang pergi ke Pulau Pinang. Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang adalah seorang yang bukan Islam and majoriti penduduk Pulau Pinang adalah orang yang bukan Islam. Apabila seorang Islam berada di Pulau Pinang, beliau mungkin terhidu bau char keoy tiaw yang dimasak oleh orang bukan Islam dan ini boleh merosakkan akidah kita. Cara yang paling baik ialah kita haramkan orang Islam dari pergi ke Pulau Pinang. Orang Islam yang kini tinggal di Pulau Pinang akan diberi elaun pindah sebanyak RM 3000 untuk membantu mereka berpindah ke negeri-negeri yang lain. Perpindahan ke negeri Kelantan dan Terengganu amat amat digalakkan.

Februari 2009
Orang Islam dilarang meminum root beer. Walaupun root beer tidak mengandungi alkohol, namun perkataan "beer" ini boleh menimbulkan keghairan dan kelakuan tidak senonoh di kalangan orang Islam. Dengan pengharaman root beer, orang Islam bolehlah meminum minuman ringan yang lain tanpa was-was. Ginger beer juga diharamkan. March 2009Orang Islam dilarang memakan di kedai Mamak. Walaupun mamak kebanyakkannya Islam, tetapi asal usul mereka adalah India dan ada kemungkinan terdapat unsur-unsur India di dalam perniagaan mereka seperti bercakap Tamil dan memakai seluar dalam buatan India. Untuk mengelakkan sebarang syak wasangka, mulai 1 Mac 2009, orang Islam dilarang dari memakan di kedai mamak (kecuali Tun Mahatir kerana dia sendiri mamak kelas I)

April 2009
Orang Islam dilarang bermain ping pong atau table tennis. Ping pong berasal dari negeri China dan oleh yang demikian, mungkin terdapat unsur-unsur agama Buddha atau Confuciusism di dalam permainan ping pong. Ornag Islam yang terlalu banyak bermain ping pong akan terjejas akidah mereka. Sebagai permainan alternatif, orang Islam digalakkan bermain sepak raga (tetapi bola raga mesti buatan Malaysia, bukan dari Thailand).

Mei 2009
Orang Islam yang berkerja dengan kerajaan dilarang mengambil gaji masing-masing. Ini kerana sebahagian besar pendapatan kerajaan adalah cukai pendapatan yang dibayar oleh syarikat-syarikat orang bukan Islam. Orang Islam digalakkan meminta sedekah dari orang Islam yang lain. Untuk memudahkan permintaan sedekah, bakal peminta sedekah digalakkan mencangkung di hadapan bangunan UMNO. Jun 2009Orang Islam dilarang keluar negara. Terdapat terlalu banyak godaan yang boleh meruntuhkan akhlak dan akidah orang Islam. Perkara ini telahpun dikaji dengan teliti hasil lawatan sambil belajar ke Bangkok oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan baru-baru ini. Oleh yang demikian, orang orang Islam diminta menyerahkan balik paspot masing-masing ke jabatan immigresen secepat mungkin. Perjalanan keluar negara hanya dibenarkan untuk menteri-menteri dan orang kuat UMNO sahaja, itupun hanya jika diiringi oleh ahli Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Julai 2009
Orang Islam dilarang berfikir di waktu siang. Kebanyakkan masalah jenayah dan maksiat wujud kerana orang-orang yang tak ada kerja berfikir yang bukan-bukan. Untuk membenteras maslah jeneyah dan maksiat, orang-orang Islam mulai 1 Julai 2009, dilarang dari menggunakan otak mereka diwaktu siang. Pemikiran mereka akan dipantau oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dengan menggunakan sekumpulan specially trained monkeys. Orang Islam boleh menggunakan otak mereka di waktu malam tetapi pemikiran dihadkan kepada perkara-perkara berkaitan dengan makan dan minum sahaja.

Please do not laugh.
Many of the above will become a reality if we do not do anything. The rational-thinking muslims in this country are simply not doing anything. We let a very small minority of narrow-minded idiots to control our lives.

We, especially the Malay muslims, are fast becoming a laughing stock worldwide. We are obsessed with the little little things. When there are so many important things remain to be done, why must the Fatwa folks spend their time on little things.. tomboys, yoga, etc, etc.

Why don't we ever hear anything from the Fatwa folks for social justice, eradicating corruption and poverty, protecting single mothers, helping the poor, educating the ummah, reducing racial polarization, protecting the environment or ensuring fairness in society. If you are a rationale, forward thinking muslim, please speak up. If you choose to remain silent, it only means that you agree with whatever is happening. And do not blame the non-muslims for all our troubles. We are asking for it.

I, for one yearn for the yesteryears where my friends and I can really mix regardless of creed, race nor stigma. The more we clustor our identity to distinct our differences, the more marginalized the Malaysian society will be. And I also agree that there are many issues stated by Bukhari that needs our attention.

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