To the article that " Is Bush God choosen? " [14 September 2004]

Interestingly , God does put people to power in his big universal plan . Nebucanezzer was installed into power when Israel decided to rely on Egypt than God - to teach about obedience ; though jerusallem was pillaged etc. For Israelites at that time , Mr N was an evil person. But he is the 'necessary' evil .
Mr Bush is technically part of the greater plan too . And he won in a most 'amazing' manner .. which some do attribute it to God intervention and approval. Yet , my thought has changed over time as i realised that this "Godly" man has gone against some of the basic principles of Christ's teaching. He authorised revenge and killings in foreign lands , lies and crafted his agendas etc. He may have a faith based platform in US , but the rest of the world does not see his 'God'. I cannot be judgemental but in comparison to other God fearing person that i come accross , their behaviours do not match . Thus , can it be that Mr Bush is now a "Saul" . Saul was chosen by God , a king that never was . Saul was rejected because of his disobedience. Saul was a 'big' man , 'one head taller' than anyone else , handsome - yet his greed and selfish decisions corrupts him .
Being popular and able to be seen as a spiritual person does not make one "God appointed". In fact , I was very surprised when i came accross some articles on Adolf Hitler. He too , is a faith based person and I am sure that his people then see him as "God" sent. This does not equate both Bush and Hitler together. But it is a fine line between obedience to God and self righteousness. Mr Bush , be very careful.

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