Latest Body Snatcher - No Justice to the Family

In the new paper, He claimed he visited his father when all the sibling are not around. Can he swear with his GOD name that he does this? All this while my PIL are staying with my other BIL in Klang. They will only go back to Sban on weekends or School holiday. When they are back we tried to have a gathering for the family but how come we dont see him at all. IS he too visible for us to see him? If you claim that you visited your PIL enough to make them agreed with you for the conversion only GOD know…. Read More ( The anguish of a Family member)

Here is my comment on this issue:

This is a loop hole that the islamic authorities need to close. I am going to be a bit ‘naughty’ and suggest this scenario. Since a Muslim can only inherit another Muslim’s property and non Muslims are not able to, it will motivate a nasty person to use this loophole to obtain property in the eyes of the syariah law.

The same with the law on divorce when someone can divorce their spouse and not pay alimony + get custory of children + whatever property... just by converting. What greater motivation can this generate to?
More facts of the case
Justice and Fair play for the family of Gan Eng Gor (deceased)
1. Our father was seventy four (74) years old. He suffered a severe stroke in 2006. He was as immobilized,bedridden, mentally unsound, cannot speak, partially deaf and has very poor vision.
2. We transferred him to stay with one of our brothers in Klang. Our aged mother looked after, bathed andfed him. She also helped to look after our nephews and nieces.
3. Our father died on 20th Jan 2008. As Gan Hock Seng (the eldest son) is a member of the family, we informed him of our father’s death. He was then told us that our father is a muslim, we were shocked and did not believed him. So we continue to perform the wake service as our father have never led a muslim life. The Majlis Agama officers came and attempted to snatch the dead body, all our family members more shocked and angry, we resisted and strongly protested against the removal of our father’s body.
4. We obtained his alleged conversion papers from Majlis Agama the second day.
5. We were advised by our solicitors that there are serious irregularities in the said conversion papers especially the Declaration of Conversion into Islam.
a). The declaration was before a Pegawai Ukhuwah. His rubber stamp was on the paper but that officer did not sign.
b). Further there was no signatory at the certification column.
c). There was an illegal alteration on the date to 3rd July 2007.
d). The thumb print was questionable as we are certain that our deceased father was in Klang and not at the address No. 451, Taman Megaway, 70400 Sikamat, Seremban as stated in the application form.
e). His address stated in the Borang Perakuan Memeluk Islam is No: 1272, Jalan TBK 6/2, Taman Bkt Kepayang, 70200 Seremban, the residence of the eldest son. We wish to state that our father has never resided at this address.
f). The Majlis Agama Authorities claimed that our deceased father made an oral declaration in Arabic accepting the Muslim faith. Our family has medical confirmations from three doctors that our father was unable to speak.
g). We were asked to appear before the Syariah Court Seremban, we believe the Syariah Court is for Muslims only.
h). We refused to attend at the Syariah Court on a matter of principle as non-Muslims. We refused to submit to the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court.
i). The Syariah Court made a unilateral declaration that our father is a Muslim and is to be buried in accordance to Muslim rites.
j). We filed an application at the High Court Seremban to adjudicate on the validity, authenticity, veracity and legality of the conversion paper especially the declaration of acceptance into Islam.
k). The High Court Seremban dismissed our application on the ground that he has no jurisdiction to hear this matter as the subject matter falls within the purview of the Syariah Court. We beg to differ.
l). We were indeed shocked and aggrieved at the simplistic way the High Court disposed off this matter. We only seek justice, fair play and to find out the truth on his alleged conversion.
10. The eldest son Gan Hock Seng converted to Islam years ago. Our father and mother had strenuously opposed his conversion.
11. This eldest son had allegedly converted our father without the knowledge of our other and all other seven siblings.
12. Further, the eldest son had NEVER taken care of him physically and financially. He hardly visited him too.
13. Even if the eldest son had converted our father, we like to ask :
i). Why is it that he did not take care of him and brought him to stay in his house to lead a Muslim life?
ii). Why did he allow our father to continue living in a non‐muslim home in Klang ? Our father had never prayed and continued eating pork and other non‐halal food. He never revealed to anyone that he has converted to Islam.
iii). Why he as a Muslim, did not ensure that our father (if he had been indeed converted) led a Muslim life ?
iv). Why is it that the Agama Islam authorities did not visit and follow up with our father – the alleged new convert, after his conversion?
14. We believe we have been unfairly treated by our eldest brother and the Agama Islam authorities in this alleged conversion of our father. If there had been a conversion, we firmly believe that the Agama Islam authorities should have informed all members of the family. There should not be a fight over the body of dead person. There should be dignity and respect on the dead person.
15. We hope the PM and the higher ups in the Islamic Authorities review this case and to ensure that the truth is unraveled. We hope that all conversions to Islam is fair and transparent and made known to all the next of kin of the convert.
We Seek Justice, Fair play and Truth in this matter.
Let Gan Eng Gor be the last body-snatching case in Malaysia. The Cabinet Ministers should stop shirking their responsibilities to the people and nation and should place the Gan Eng Gor case on the top of Cabinet agenda on Wednesday to put an immediate end to all “body-snatchings” in Malaysia.

Worth Every Cents

What can you do with RM0.50 cents nowadays?

The 2008 Thaipusam coverage in NTV7 via The Breakfast show reeks of political opportunism. They showcased Batu Caves where MIC politicians ( instead of religious sami) came in to praise themselves. SMS and phone calls are in the tune of " Oh , thank you government for being so caring" or something non-threatening. Incensed, decided to spend RM0.50 to put a message on the mssg board. It was a gamble as I could be caught. And was quite sure that the SMS will not be published. I knew that my message got to be sinister enought not to be sanctioned, so this is my best try:-

TBS Best Thaipussam wishes to all believers. Avoid using this as a political platform in respect of the day lar. Joe.

The phone vibrates back.

RM0.50. Thank you for your feedback.
From the breakfast show team. the show waking up for.

Am I just another RM0.50?
Since I woke up very early for this, I guess that I just need to wait for my message to come. It will be best if it comes during the next Putra MIC sermon about how great they are with my message flashing accross.

Waited .. and waited.

More 'nice' messages...

Giving up, went to the fridge to raid. Got the last piece of Bak Kua. As i was munching the microwaved bak kua, the miracle happened.

See, she is doing her religious duties and some chaps just want to take advantage of the situation. MIC, Give us a break. And it looked less that 1 million people to me than claimed.
Best RM0.50 cents spent. Hope many people saw that and figured that the message is not for the 'baddies'.

crosses need to be destroyed and church influences in these schools need to be stopped ..

The funny thing about missionary schools nowadays is that your children does not get even Christian education from it anymore. I cannot recall any of my friends who are now christians just by studying in one. Oh, and we sing Christians songs? I remember leading the Johor state song during perhimpunan that starts with "Allah perliharakan Sultan". Today, I can't sing that anymore because it is now exclusived. This La Salle school have 3 suraus and we are unable to have our own Christian Fellowship (CFs) as it was not recognised by the education department. So, it was ironic that I finally saw the transcipt of this debate of 'hearsays'. ( I heards someone say). Wei, give some evidence loh. What i know is that whatever cross that is left 'undestroyed', it will be taken out in the next years of Islamisation process in schools. The missionary schools with its examplerary educations success will be a passe.

Btw, have anybody ask why nobody wants to send their child to government schools? It seemed that after chinese schools, missionary schools are next sought after.

Tuan Syed Hood bin Syed Edros [Parit Sulong]:

[Some unrelated stuff first] Yang Di-Pertua, I would like to touch on a matter regarding the Ministry of Education, which are Christian missionary schools like Convent, La Salle, Methodist, and so forth. I was made to understand that the Board of Directors at these schools are partially administered by churches in foreign countries, for example in the Vatican City. I was also made to understand that the application to build a ’surau’ in some of these schools had to go through the approval of these Board of Directors whereby they are partially administered by the church. Therefore, it shames me that the school administrations are still controlled by the church. I was also made to understand that many Muslim parents send their kids to these schools, and that they have complained that sometimes, the school is started with church songs. I do not know if this is true, but what I discovered from these parents are the display of religious symbols. I feel disappointed that in an Islamic country, Malaysia, if I go to a convent school, the statue of St. Mary is displayed in the front of the school.

Read here for the writeup.

Integrity and Corruption

I am surprised this morning to get a cheeky call from my ex colleague to check my inbox. It was a link to a Singaporean news-site regarding a FORMER lecturer who cheated Singapore Polytechnic by submitting by false claims was jailed for four weeks and fined a total of $10,000 on Thursday. Then i realised that I know this chap. He used to come over at least 3-4 times a year to teach hard disk drive related technologies.

Not an ardent fan of Singapore but they are indeed strict. A police report was made and this person was made to pay many times over his meager false claim. Wonder if any of our politicians and leaders who made billions and millions will ever be subjected to such strict punishments?

Here is one current example.

“I don’t know what he was saying. I believe it’s not true,” said Tengku Adnan, who was a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department assisting the minister in charge of law in 2001 when the clip was filmed.

“When I saw the (clip on) YouTube, I thought he (Lingam) was mad or drunk. I don’t know what he said. I believe it’s not true,” he said.


He is the same minister that 'abatted' the misuse ( corruption) of RM850,000 to 2 of his senior officers. Instead of reporting them to the police or Anti Corruption Agency, he decided to do a hush hush internal probe as cover up. And when one of the men got promoted, am sure that the other people have enough of this and leaked it out to the press and relevant departments.

I have noted before that there is too much money going to this ministry and many suspicions on where the money going to. A billion ringgit a year means that the ministry have to spend close to RM80 million per month or RM4 million per day. And this is just for activities to promote Malaysia.


What is a Malay?

Contesting Malayness absolutely brings better clarity on the definition of "Malay". I am now reevaluating what Malaysians ( me included !) are taught in our schools. For once, the article did not get the usual rethorics from opposing fanatics as it was dealing with facts and quotations. Do take a look.

Why can't we be like Indonesia? Why can't we be like Sabah and Sarawak ( before annexed by Malaysia)

We must understand and understand this well: Indonesia is not Pakistan, which was born out of religious sentiments. Indonesia is also not Malaysia, where the Hindus are of Tamil descent and most of the Buddhists are of Chinese origin, so the state could label one group as indigenous, therefore deserving special treatment; and the other groups as non-indigenous, therefore able to do without such treatment.

Here, in Indonesia, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians all are indigenous Indonesians, pribumi or bumiputera. They must be treated equally in all manners. Ananda Krishna

When Little is also a Plus

How would you vote if your constituency have a BN representative and a PAS representative?

In university days, the non Malays were saught by both the pro-government and Islamists. I suggested lately to an email that I would not vote for PAS due their Islamic nation tendency and a close friend wrote back for me to find out more. " Just ask around and you will be surprised". I guess he is right. Chinese in urban Malaysia are also rethinking this issue. Which is the lesser of 2 evils. Would PAS behave the same when they have more power? Many will risk that potential for realities that is happening from our BN management - manipulation, racism, religious intolerance, flip flop etc.

I will not vote for MCA ditto. Gerakan was a promise of multicultural party that has gone downhill since the appointment of 'spineless' Koh Tsu Koon. MIC is ... Sam Same. UMNO is racist. Heck, lets see how things goes..

A Chinese In Kelantan Speaks Out
January 8, 2008

Most non-Muslims, when you ask them about PAS, probably fear them more than they fear the evil BN. That fear is not entirely misplaced, because of PAS’ previously stated ambitions to make this country into an Islamic state. But I would say, non-Muslims should fear the BN more, especially since BN is no longer an equal coalition, but one that is led by UMNO and UMNO Youth, followed by “dan lain lain”. In a bid to out-Islam the PAS, we have got UMNO politicians releasing statements to try to show the Kelantanese voters that they are also very strong in Islam. In the near term, non-Muslims should certainly fear BN more since BN has all the power, and PAS has limited power.
First, UMNO politicians claim that this country is an Islamic country, just to win some votes.Then, Badawi introduces Islam Hadhari, which honestly, could probably have just come out from a Pendidikan Moral textbook.Recently, Najib promises Kelantan that the government will build many many mosques, and will turn Kelantan into an Islamic civilization hub (Malaysiakini, subscription needed). How that will help Kelantan, he didn’t say. And whatever an Islamic civilization hub really means, I don’t know either.
Right now, it seems like in UMNO’s zealousness to prove their Islamic credentials and win back control of Kelantan, the interests of non-Muslims in this country has been ignored or sidelined. So if it came down to it during the elections, if it’s BN vs. PAS for the parliamentary seat, how would you vote?
Perhaps this letter from Richard Teo, taken from Lim Kit Siang’s blog can open up some eyes.
Yes the tide is turning in Kelantan but certainly not in favour of BN but for PAS. As a kelantanese I can safely tell Najib the true current political situation in Kelantan. How could Zubaidah Abu Bakar speculate in the 6th Jan.2008 NST that “there are many in Kelantan who want to see a change of government”?
This is farthest from the truth. The Malay psyche in Kelantan is vastly different from the psyche of Malays from the other states. The Malays in Kelantan are astute when it comes to politics. That explains why it is the only Malay state where the opposition party other than UMNO has ruled for a substantial period since Merdeka.
During BN’s tenure, pork sellers in the Chinese market were harrassed daily. They were confined to a small inconspicous space where pork could be sold hidden from public view. There was conditional and restricted time when pork could be sold. When PAS took over the government in 1990, they improved the Chinese market and pork was sold without any restrictions. Inshort they were not harrassed.
Again, during BN’s tenure, Chinese could not buy houses built on Malay reservation land. Since most of the land come under the purview of Malay reservation, most Kelantanese Chinese could not own a home. But all these changed when PAS came to power.
Under the able DUN of Kota Bharu, Dato Annuar Tan, 30% of houses built on Malay reservation land were allocated for sale to the Kelantan Chinese.
Any doubts where the Chinese loyalty lies can easily be dispelled by visiting the Chinese enclave in Jalan Kebun Sultan. Ask any Chinese business community there and they will brazenly tell you that they will vote for PAS. Yes the Chinese votes in Kelantan are solidly behind PAS.
It is also a fact that the Chinese miniority’s vote in Kelantan are insignificant and confined to only few seats where their votes are crucial for victory or loss. But in a state where a lot of seats are won and lost by a handful of votes this becomes immensely important where in the final analysis the fate of the government could merely depend on the margin of one or two seats.
The Malays in Kelantan were generous in giving Pak Lah a resounding victory in 2004. But this was partly due to PAS over-zealous Islamic reforms which persuaded the Malays to vote for Pak Lah’s Islam Hadhari. Further they were captivated by Pak Lah’s assurance of tackling corruption which was beginning to be rampant in all branches of the government. But alas, Pak Lah was a disappointment. Instead he took it as an opportunity for his relatives and family to plunder the nation’s wealth by giving contracts to his son and son-in law.
There is a saying among the Malays in Kelantan that UMNO can fool the Malays in the other states with their rhetoric of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ but they cannot fool the Malays in Kelantan. They are aware that BN has introduced many programmes and development projects.
According to Datuk Annuar Musa “RM2 billion worth of projects are flowing into the state”. But the local malays will ask you who are the beneficiaries of these projects? Yes, its the UMNO cronies and the UMNO connected politicians who will secure all the major contracts.
Of late, the sprinkling of Indians are also behind PAS not due to Hindraf’s effort but because of the awareness that it was under PAS rule that a prominent land in Jalan Hamzah was approved for the Hindus to build a temple when the same approval was rejected by BN four times before.
Because of centuries of close proximity of Kelantan to Thailand and the close rapport between the Chinese and the Kelantanese Malays, the local Malays are not only intelligent and well-versed in commerce but they are very conversant with local and federal politics. This perhaps explain why UMNO with their brand of politics can never fool the Kelantan Malays.
In the coming general election BN will not only lose in Kelantan it will lose as badly as in 1990. This is not only a fact, it is a promise.

Flip Flopping Abdullah Government

The government has decided to go against its initial decision, so ALLAH is again exclusive to Malaysian Muslims. If you are a non Muslim or a non-Malaysian Muslim, you should not use this word. Wait, you can say it but not write it down or read it. (huh!?)

Actually, am tired to continue writing about this issue. It is like a yo-yo of emotion. When you think that the country management has got the facts right ( from expert inputs etc. ) , they let you down again. This time, the raison de taire is paraphrased to "since the law is already there, we need to uphold it". Wow, since when Malaysian government cared so much about its law or even constitution!! We just changed our constitution to allow an 'independent' Election committee chairman to last till he conducts the next General Election.(oh, he even knows the date of the election even though the PM does not) We even have a law that outlaws oral sex. Are we going to uphold that against Chua Soil Lek?

Christians: Allah ban hurts Malaysia’s moderate Muslim image
“Allah” may mean “God” everywhere else, but not in Malaysia
Anger over Malaysia 'Allah' ban

Double shame
Christians in Malaysia are shamed!!

Last Christmas it was the small issue of turkey that happens a week before Christmas creating an artificial shortage. Yes, the cry was against imported turkey that does not have "HALAL" certifications ( what?!) so this year turkeys cost 3x more since nobody wants to import them anymore. This is chicken feed.

So, the government decided to go one better this year!
1. Prior to Christmas 2008 - Ban on the usage of Allah word, hold the Catholic church and East Malaysia Evangelical Church to ransom. These 2 churches decided to ask for justice through our blameless courts.
2. In public Christmas message, Gerakan lap dog acting president Koh Tsu Koon asked "Those who celebrate Christmas" to "respect Islam as the official religion".
3. On Christmas day, Prime Minster Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did one better by reiterating the ban on the word "Allah" in a Christmas muhibbah open house organized by the Council of Churches Malaysia.
This is textbook PR faux pass.

In YOUR Face!
Who cares about what Christians think or feel? And they keep thinking aloud!
The government will now show you the Ketuanan Melayu, chew your Christian bones and spit it out! :)
That is too strong but that is about it.
Thanks for treating your citizens in this honoured way. In fact, we would not know of this flip flop if not for internet. As our belated Christmas present, would like to issue a call to all Christians in Malaysia to use the next General Election as a referendum AGAINST the ruling party. The ruling party will do all the best to shower you with promises and gift but remember this moment when you cast the vote. The fact is shown that promises will be broken & rules / laws/ constitution will be bent when they got your vote. This Caesar does not deserve our vote and support.

Here we go again...

KUALA LUMPUR: A husband filed an interim injunction application at the High Court yesterday to stop the Federal Territory Islamic Council from claiming the body of his late wife who he claimed was a practising Christian at the time of her death.

Ngiam Tee Kong, 53, filed the ex-parte application, which also named the director of Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) as the first defendant.The application filed through Messrs Karpal Singh & Co yesterday is expected to be heard today.The body of Wong Sau Lan, 54, who died on Dec 30, is at the HUKM mortuary.In his affidavit, Ngiam said when he went to HUKM to claim his wife's body, he was informed that it would only be released to him if he confirmed that she was a Muslim at the time of her death.

He was also told that the body would be released to him only for having Christian rites to be performed, after which it was to be returned to the hospital for it to be buried according to Muslim rites.Ngiam claimed that on Dec 31, a day after Wong died, he received a declaration of conversion dated the same day signed by the Federal Territory Religious Department director, stating that Wong converted to a Muslim on Dec 24 at a flat in Jalan Siakap, Cheras.Ngiam, a manager of an entertainment outlet, said the letter given to him did not state his wife's Muslim name. He said she was a practising Christian at the time of her death.He said the letter of conversion was not in compliance with the provisions of Section 90(1) of the Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Act, 1993, as it was not given to Wong before her death.Ngiam is seeking, among others, declarations that:- Wong was a Christian at the time of her death;- she did not fully embrace Islam before she died; - she was not a Muslim at the time of her death.He also wants the court to issue an order that he had the right to his wife's body and for the hospital director to release it to him immediately.

Check for your voter registration

Update: Check out this hilarious write up about the same issue. Another Malaysian World Record - World’s Oldest Living Person . I did not understant the Election Commisions answer that these are dead voters from 1800s. Do they have IC then?

The Election commission Chairman decided that there is no need to do a by election to fill up the seat of the Labis MP Dr Chua Soi Lek who have just resigned. The Sun's write up of his interview is more candid on his feeling about the about-turn from his bosses up there. I think he felt betrayed hence relinquished all his posts inclusive of those that is won in his party ( MCA) and even as a member of parliament. Something must have triggered it & his rantings on "holier than thou" should give some clue. The most interesting aspect of the interview is his decision to challenge the incumbent president to the top post as well as to challenge him to live up to his 'live a clean, healthy life". This signals undercurrents in MCA.

Anyway, it also points out to our EC chairman's knowledge of the date of the election ... or erection ( aftermath of Dr Chua's sordid affair). So, do verify if your name is in the list of voters.

If an 10 year old kid can be a voter, why not you?

General Erection cum ming?

Nope, it is not a blue film website. Today have been inaundated with lame jokes and banterings between men who are amazed at how a 61 year old man could have made 'personal friend' with a 20 year old thing.

And the "Muar" jokes. Since the DVD is distributed there, Namewee ( who created controversy earlier last year in which the same political personality involves extensively)... people are thinking that Muar is sometype of black hole. Even Marina Mahathir joins in the fray " there something in the water in Johor that makes Johor politicians particularly susceptible to dumb things? ;) ) Marina was talking about the beloved Foreign Minister who looked a bit lost with his comments nowadays without Tun's leadership.

Will spare the details but am glad that the former Health Minister has done the right thing by resigning.
Ah, got GUTs!

New Year 2008

So, MBF and I went to the Curve for the countdown. Strategy is to be less boring since both of us have no plan for this new year. At 3.00 pm , 31st Dec.. we decided to bite the bullet. Using my knowledge of the place, we were able to get out of the jam within 15 minutes. Ask me how as am not sharing...
Another thing we notice is that we are old. YES, the kids there are .. kids. One will be called an uncle if try to tackle any of the chun girls there. And they still speak in slangs so must be college kids.
Oh ya, the blast was quite spectacular. 20 minutes of fireworks and the three of us got headache from starring up too long.
Bring it on!
Happy New Year Everybody! Photos are taken using latest Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-12 that I got for Christmas.

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