Tower bridge log on bank weekend

Day 3 synopsis.
Yeah, I felt like when I ran over the historical Tower Bridge of London this morning with chariot of fire on the background. Up at 6.30 a.m and it was just freezing. But the good stuff is that there I did not sweat!
2. Borough Market - a 4 pound spanish cheese toast, yogurt + strawberries + peach.
3. Tate - contemporary art area.
4. A nice shop that sells crepes .. it was too early when i stroll past.
5. Visited the queen at buckingham by mistake , and enjoy the birds chirping at her huge park.
6. The guards are still there .. looking bored.
7. Ohhhhhh .. found out where the police horses are kept. It is down the road from the Tourism Malaysia office. Btw, the Tourism Malaysia office is in such a strategic ( and expensive) area that their lousy decoration is a joke.
Verdict on the jog: It is cool to be able to jog without getting humidly tired. There goes the scapegoat. So, I got to buck up.
All this before the afternoon. Think I will catch a nap before my friend comes.
On the politics front, my vote for the bad tempered siao len ( small men) goes to Zamry, the ciplak MB of Perak. He is having another lock in with police and everything else to keep hold of his illegal power grab. This is not a towering figure and a joke to democracy.

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