Mercy Malaysia - sort and pack volunteers [05 January 2005]

Yup, Mercy is desperately in need of help. Was there last night and only about 10 people helping out there. They need at least 60 to help sort out the donated items, mainly clothes. The warehouse is full till the doors and they need help to clear the older stuff to make way for new items to come in today, and we have not began sorting out the food items yet. We have a deadline to meet - this satuday where the better clothes will be on sale and money used to buy medicine, food, water and other stuff. WD will be sending a bus load of operators from the hostels this Friday (let's hope they volunteer). I'm hoping it's not too late. But I would encourage all of you to bring your friends there to help at lunch time and after work everyday this week until Friday.

They are open from 9am till 11pm (but usually much later). I bought a box of mask in my car as advised by Julianna. If any of you need, pls get it from me. Surprisingly almost all the volunteers there are chinese ladies.

The address :
11A Persiaran Selangor
Jln 15/7 Section 15
Shah Alam.

How to get there:
1) Take Federal Highway and head towards Klang (Go PAST Batu Tiga toll, and PAST Puchong exit)
2) Take the Persiaran Selangor exit. If you see Persiaran Kayangan exit, you have overshot.
3) Go straight and take 12 o'clock at the roundabout
4) About 200m down the road, you will see Nationwide Express on your left.
5) You need to enter thru the back of the building, so go past the warehouse and take the first left turn, and left again.
6) Look out of the Mercy banner outside the building. There is a small parking lot inside the compound. Otherwise there's plenty of space along the road to park.
7) Normal process - produce some ID and swap it with a visitors pass.

There is no limit or restriction on how long you should help out there. You may come and go as you wish.

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