How to get to Ban Chiang

Ban Chiang, one of the 7 Unesco World Heritage sites in Thailand and perhaps the one that is most under-appreciated among all. It does not help that it is the sole site in the North East of the country in Isaan. If it is considered with a visit to the 2 other World Heritage sites in Laos, then coming to Ban Chiang does not require more effort. The significance of this site is that is showed that South East Asia were in bronze and Iron age 2500 years earlier than previous understanding. As a history student, I have always wanted to visit this site when I studied about it long time ago and amazed that even Thais do not know that it existed.

Anyway, the easiest way to come here is to go through Udon Thani than Nong Kai or Sakron Nakron. You can opt for a special trip or to use the public transport. For public transport, make sure you are at the bus station 1 ( there are 2 bus stations). From the Udon Thani train station, it is just a 10 minute walk to bus station 1. Once you are at the bus station, look for the bus that goes to Sakron Nakron (First bus goes off at 0600 and last bus goes at 1720, with intervals of 30 to 40 minutes). It will cost about BHT400 when you tell the conductor that you are alighting at Ban Chiang. (If you are in Bus station 2, you should be able to do the same if the bus is going to Nakron Panom) At the Ban Chiang Junction, you should opt for the tuk tuk that will cost BHT60 for the 7km ride. I paid for both way and included BHT40 as tips. Its really worth the money. 

 Checking out the rural area during the drive. Loads of paddy fields and other interesting view.

You have arrived at the Ban Chiang Museum. Ticket is priced at BHT150 for foreigners (farang) and BHT30 for Thais.

 Lovely space outside the museum.
 One of the better museums in Thailand that I have been so far. The facility for the physically challenged is adequate. Signage in Thai and English and is worth the read.

The view in the town. There are now shops and commercial entities developed around the town. Do check out the town market if you have time.

The archeological pit in Wat Pho Sri Nai is a must visit. Situated more than 500 metres away from the museum, i would suggest that you use the tuk tuk. Here, you can really see the extend of the dig that happened in the midst of the temple and in the middle of the village.

The tuk tuk will bring you back to the junction and to the bus station on the opposite site. Wait for the next bus back to Udon Thani and it will cost you BHT450 ( i think it is the cost of picking you up for the additional BHT50). Overall , the visit can be achieved within 3-4 hours.

National Museum Ban Chiang
Moo 13, Sutthipong Road Ban Chiang, Nong Han, Udon Thani 41320
Open Every Tuesday to Sunday and National Holiday from 0900-1600.
Tel: 0 4220 8340

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