Rule of might than right

Saw a frightening event yesterday at Siang Malam mamak in Seremban.

Commotion started when I saw some attendants rushing to see what is happening behind me.

2 Malay and 1 chinese man who identified themselves as police stopped a car and ask the occupants to come out. Then started the big arguments about " Lu Siapa".. " Saya Polis" with heavy shovings and finger pointings in the face. At one point , the indian man shoved the 'police' and got himself arrested.

Then another group of 5-7 Indians came and began another huge shouting, shoving and chasing each other thingie. Apprently , one of them spoke like he too was a police and both 'police' does not know each other. It was frightening. They surrounded the 3 earlier man and hassled them. The rest of the us just kept quiet to watch the show & i was trying to take the video of the incident without getting caught or bashed up. At one point of a time, it was going to be a huge fight. Went off after some time while both parties try to 'settle'. ( with money, grand daddy's etc)

I wonder .. who is telling the truth?

The chinese man does not look like a police and claims to be one by having a laminated badge. How does he get it?

The original 'police' came in a Proton Satria red colour. Even if they really are plain clothes policeman, would there be any real protocol to follow? How did one of them have wrist cuffs?

And if both side really have policemen then, why are they helping these thuggish man?

It looks real nasty for a civil society if we degenerate into this .. where might is better than rights! Surely, it does not bring comfort to the normal civilians.

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