Uncle Lim ah

Mr Lim Kit Siang shot his own feet yesterday and incur the wrath of many for his outburst. I totally disagree with the initial story of DAP CEC's instruction to stay away from the inauguration of Perak's Chief Minister. But the Perak DAP decided to go against his wishes.

Think as a government and not opposition la in coffeeshop. Sikit sikit boycot.

Anyway, like a real gentlemen that he is, he apologised to the Sultan & Regent of Perak whom I ( and many others ) respect for his kindness and intelligence.

While MCA and UMNO may laugh at him, he has shown higher sense of integrity by realising his mistake and apologizing for it. It is better than any of the PKFZ scandal ( MCA ) or various UMNO mistakes that were looked down due to their own arrogance.

And after studying the new MB's record, he is a person with high credentials. Lets not look at racial and religious but competency.

Please be careful Mr Lim. TQ for your struggles all this year and your intelligence.
Shoulder on.

Mr Botox is now Shredder.

Sin Chew daily got a scoop when its reporter caught departing Selangor adminstration of shredding. No mainstream newspaper carried this story, yet. Then Khir Toyo(L), denied the allegation after sounding his war cry.
But he denies saying: “It’s not true. I have everything in details. We have been transparent and we have nothing to hide. If we are corrupt, why were we awarded the Sijil Bersih (Corruption Clean Certificate) for two consecutive years?” (Malaysiakini).

Sin Chew found its gut to put in a piece comparing the gracious Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Khir Toyo(L)
The former Selangor Menteri Besar cried when the election results on Saturday (8 Mar) was revealed. But he did not admit defeat and congratulate the winner like other leaders. He also did not come forward to pass the regime to the new state government.

I caught a glimpse of his fiery speech over the TV while lunching. He seemed serious. Why can't he be this serious when he was the MB? Just because he did not deliver and every body voted against him, he want to do that same to the next chap.

"Mommy!! see!! He also like that."
" There is now more non Malays in the lineup, so we can't be religious any more".

Mr Toyol, nobody can be as in denial as you.
Even you want to lie about the botox.

The dark prince when he first came to serve as the MB. He was the mentee of another corrupt Selangor MB.

Older, and fairer ..with less lines. He attributed this overnight transformation to eating healthy and jogging. Right...

And the shredding.
Your new name is Shredder. Beware, the Ninja turtles will haunt you back.
Oh, just lost my sympathy for the ruling party in a flash. Their arrogance is back.

8th March 2009 - Political thunderstorm that hits Malaysia

Nah, i give u my rocket finger!!

This quite sums up how the future of politics in Malaysia should be.( from Malaysia Today's blog)

written by oceanuz, March 06, 2008 | 10:40:37

I'm chinese...
PAS contest in my area...
I vote for PAS.
I not stupid. period.

I'm malay...
DAP contest in my area
I vote for DAP
I have voted for DAP more than 15 years
I not stupid too. Period.

Intelligent people who knows issues and goes beyond the line of status, race or creed. ONe that looks at the betterment of fellow Malaysians as a whole.

For today, we celebrate the first time ever denial of 2/3 majority in Parliament of the National Front. Along the way, it changes the way politics have been formed in Malaysia where DAP took over the states of Penang and Perak while PAS helms both Kelantan and Kedah. And PKR took over the hot seat of Selangor as another sign of power sharing. And even KL fell to oppositions , who from today are considered governments as well. Both DAP and PKR is secular and multiracial while PAS is Islamic & prudent.

I voted for DAP ( as Kenny Sia advices :) ) and cautiously PAS. Took out some time to give a pesanan ( message ) to the PAS candidate that he needs to be help out all races and creed. The gentlement shook my hand. Dr Ismail won his seat with 3 fellow DAP candidates in my hometown of Muar.

I will be watching..

It is just tremendous to be part of the change agent. We like in exciting times.

If you are not sure how to vote , use this !

According to the 100% accurate kennysia.com Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

Political Satire

I find this funny.

get najib, mongol missing
get judges, truth missing
get khir toyo, temples missing
get lingam tape, memory missing
get samy, shares missing
get zainuddin, info missing
get nazri, truth missing
get khairy, samseng missing
get hishamuddin, keris missing
get soi lek, viagra missing
get ka ting - what's missing?
get badawi, he’s sleeping!
undi dacing, dapat cacing!!

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