4 more years of famine? [04 November 2004]
Nov 4 - Congratulations to George Bush on being nominated again as the President of the US . Wish you well , and more God fearing than Godly fearing . We look forward from today with a renewed hope ( or hopelessness ? ) that mistakes will be acknowledged and wrongs will be put right. We pray for you to be wise in choosing friends , those who will give you the right , wholesome view .. and those who knows the sovereign of God. For He giveth , and can taketh away.Ironic that the best choice of a US president is one who kills , lies and is arrogant about it. Oh wait , it may not have sink in yet and believed that he did everything right. But time to let it rest. ? Eh? An authrority has been picked and all authorities are responsible to answer to God at the end.

Updates - after lunch
Surprise surprise. We had lunch just now and somebody's boss said the same thing . 4 years ago it was a fiasco and they elected a somebody whom nobody knows . Now that we know he is less smart than an ape being controlled by the VP and co , they still voted for him . We all realised that Americans are fundamentally 'different". To this Sally replied : There is a Chinese Saying - If it is not your fault, and is not my fault so is the SOCIETY's fault.

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