Red Red Botak Head!

Today is Valentines Day and Chinese New Year.
Both are marked with RED colour ... the colour of vilarity.

I remember my first date on the year where the Chinese ( Chap Goh Meh ) and Western Valentine Day happens to meet. It was a year of exasperation , especially for a man who were just freed from the shackels of ALL GUY secondary school.

A blessed New Ratty year full of love, relationship and friendship - vertically and laterally.

Happy Valentines day Mok Kie dear.

At the age of 30++, this chinese new year bought a pretty good surprise. Although I did not make the effort to vist friends this year, there are a few friends whom I manage to meet. It was otherwise a family time. And one of those whom I managed to meet ( hauling my big ass out of the TV couch) is an old friend from the neighbourhood.

To cut the long story short, talking to her make me realize that I am blur & help me to rethink about my first 'romantic' love. I always benchmark the first Chinese-Western Valentine date as my first romantic love event but I was proved otherwise. I actually had an admirer when I was in Form 2! .... and must say that i was quite shyly smitten by her then. She was charming, womenly type, brainer with good physique .. probably a shoulder that is broader than mine. ha.

It was quite a frank discussion between 2 adults and I kinda enjoyed those reminiscences. The stories about taking peeps of each other, noticing each other from afar, pretending to do scouts social work and got scolded by the girls father ... . We actually did not talk to each other till years later in university and had our first , friendly chat then. And it was during Chinese New Year too.

I remember talking to her via a public phone and visiting her in her university from my workplace in Seremban. She just broke off and I was patiently, hopefully waiting. One rainy day as I fetch her from her first workplace in Subang for dinner, she told me that she has got a new boyfriend. Never got to tell her the undercurrents in my mind then.

Other things happen till now and we are still good friends occasionally. :)

So, i was quite amused from this year's CNY chat to know that she actually likes me too. I guess i was just not noticing it then. But the question that she 'tested' me then was :-

Q: When do you plan to get married?

A: ( I was 22 or 23 yrs old then). I think probably 30 years old, nothing before.

And she took it as I was not interested in her from my reply. :) Alamak... dun understand girls still . hehe

Anyway, it was a would be fairy tale story that gone funnily different. I think both of us are happy ( She is happily married ya. ) with our lives and acknowledge that things happen for the good.

Hope this light story will amuse you during these celebrations. I guess the best love is still those from God. May you find yours.

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