First day of work in London

Colleagues who gave me a huge surprise!
It is true.
London is a beehive of activity. The people here walk much faster than i did, and I tot that I was a rather fast walker.

Chiao Yen baked me muffins (chocolate, walnut and apricot which can be spelt differently. Thanks to those who sent me off ( and those who would) - Pastor Heong Cheong, Auntie Wai Li , Kelvin, Chiao, Shi and Cindy.

And Zach's lovely note and chocolate goes to the inbuild fridge.

Anyway, in remembrance of my first day at work in Shell house. The 13 hour journey ended up faster and arrived in Heathrow at 5.05 a.m. And I must congratulate MAS for serving lobster on their menu, it was delicious as the entree and unbelievingly good as the main. The cab ride was a mere 36 minutes and that saves me money. If one is to arrive later, it will cost a limb and leg ( cost me $65 pounds)

Take a look at the apartment. I love the architecture and all the hidden amenities. The view of river Thames and the special factory that came out in the latest Batman movie. Looked familiar?

Islamic conversion methods

Good stuff from Khalid Samad on conversion methods.

In contrast with some discussions on whether forced conversions is Islamic.

"Penggunaan istilah ‘Allah’ oleh mereka akan memudahkan kerja dakwah ini tetapi malangnya ummat Islam lebih memikirkan dakwah Kristian terhadap ummat Islam dan tidak sebaliknya"

One Malaysia, a plagiarism of One Singapore? - Malaysiakini

Sounds also like the Singaporean tagline.

One People, One Nation, One Singapore. (Watch the youtube here)

Apparently, I am not the first to observe the commonality nor do I think that it is an exclusive tagline.
Anyway Najib’s team has mooted the “One Malaysia” concept, a simple yet powerful slogan that sounds more like a stripped-down of Singapore’s “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”. It would be a miracle for a person who vowed to “bathe the keris in Chinese blood” in 1987 to suddenly make a 360-degrees turn and sincere about having “One Malaysia” concept. (Streetvoice)

It is just the irony of things.

Firstly, there is huge hue and cry that the one Malaysia is closely resembling Malaysian Malaysia, which were them lambasted for being an opposition and non Malay ploy to confuse the citizens. This is a common story that anything that is wrong is associated with the Non Malays ( the Jews of Malaysia), or the opposition or the lacklustre Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
It is then a huge contradiction that Najib's PR team conveniently borrowed / 'plagiarizes' a slogan from Singapore while trying to distinct itself from Kuan Yew's Malaysian Malaysia?

Secondly, it creaps back to its ketuanan Melayu ( Supremacy of Malay) clearly justifying the call to not overly optimistic that it will be anything different.
Prime Minister Najib come out with his definition today on what he meant by One Malaysia, staying closely to the definition given by the ultra-right UMNO mouthpiece, Utusan Melayu. It is to take into accounts all the concerns of the different races BUT will not forsake the concerns of the Malays primarily. And it is a rally call that we do everything as a group, dispensing (dirt under carpet) any prejudices or feelings. A noble yet indifferent goal that what we have known. Do admit that the Najib team does have an excellent proof-reader. It is technically the same stand as what we have been window dressed on , hence there is growing doubt that it will give better clarity to the quandry of race & religious scrimishes & the gaping.

I guess when there is an urgent need, Malaysians are able to conjure up any slogans or anthems to temporary impress the audiences.
The song had been very popular on the island of Mahé in the Seychelles. where the Sultan of Perak had formerly been living in exile. He heard it at a public band concert on the island, a song to a popular French melody, originally composed by the lyricist Pierre-Jean de Béranger (1780-1857), who was born and died in Paris. When Sultan Idris Murshidul’adzam Shah who was the Ruler of the State of Perak from 1887 to 1916 represented the Malay Rulers of the Federated Malay States at the installation ceremony of King Eward VII in 1901, his protocol officer was asked what his state anthem was. Realizing that his state did not in fact possess an anthem, he, in order not to appear backward in front of his hosts, proceeded to hum the aforementioned tune. Thus was an anthem born. (Wikipedia )

Unfortunately, it may not be any of the idealism that makes Najib to come out
with the slogan. At the end of the day, one may realise that it could be just for convenience. Since his 'blog' is called 1 Malaysia (, why not directing the citizen to his blog by having a national caption that goes after it. Masterstroke of public relations spin and blog awareness program.

What the heck is 1 Malaysia?

I do think that it is just a slogan.

When nothing was explained, people try to ask more.Eh, the consultants that Najib uses did not give those definitions then mah.

In retaliation, UMNO / Utusan begins to blame it on the non Malays and opposition for championing racial equality.

So, someone then tried to do the same to the English papers and I saw this piece which is supposedly a reflection of our Malaysian academia 1 Malaysia is not Malaysian Malaysia ...
In short, they agree that 1 Malaysia is not about equality. One of the chap tried to be smart and start teaching about society theories and said that we are 'united in diversity'.

I felt something is wrong in his definition that the way ahead for Malaysia is acculturation. Good thing nowadays have google so one can find the definitions rather easily than in books or notes.

Acculturation is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviors of another group.

This is what this 'professor' is saying!
Notice that he did not expound on what acculturation is...?
It is one culture adopting the culture of another.
I remember vividly in my university days when the pensyarah tell us that the national agenda is not unity by diversity but acculturation where we adopt the Malay culture ( taking the example of Indonesia then).

This professor contradicts himself, how to have diversity when the majority culture feeds on other cultures?

In short, 1 Malaysia is just a slogan. Dun hope that it will be anything more..

Lucky Man Marries Thai Twins!

Translated from the Thai Rath Newspaper, 24 March
After Mr Wichai (Tao), aged 24, from Samut Songkram province, who earns his living by dealing in old goods, got married to gorgeous twins Ms Sirintara and Ms Thipawan 22, he vouched his sincerest 'equal love' for both of them! Mr Wichai, just yesterday, 23 March, got married in a pompous ceremony to both twins simultaneously.

On being interviewed by the Thai Rath reporters, Mr Wichai declared wholeheartedly, that he didn't see much problem in having to perform tiresome marital duties with two wives. In the engagement ceremony before the wedding, Mr Wichai successfully offered a dowry of eight baht of gold and 80,000 baht EACH for his lovely darlings. Both families celebrated the marriage with joy and were said to be delighted for the threesome..

Mr Wichai told the press that he had been best of friends with his neighbouring twins since they were children. "When I grew older, I would walk past their house each morning and try to decide for myself which one I fancied more, but it was darned impossible - I adored BOTH of them - I just couldn't decide, which one of them to chat up....!" He went on to say, 'For three continuous years all three of us would go on dates together, until there was one day when I couldn't stand the frustration any longer and told them, "I love you and want to marry you BOTH"' The fortunate Mr Wichai, instead of getting a slap in the face, was overjoyed when both girlsadmitted to having sworn all along, that they wished to marry the same man!

"It wasn't easy at first, what with the neighbours gossiping, but our family sympathized, understood, and fully supported our mutual love for the one man" the twins said. Mr Wichai arranged for his brides to live with him, in his family house after the wedding, and his mother has already proudly prepared TWO rooms for the newly-weds.

Our reporters were just gagging to hear the response to this mouth-watering question:- "And.... what are the sleeping arrangements Mr Wichai"? to which he replied modestly with a beaming smile "Absolutely no problems!

For the first three nights of the week, I will sleep with Ms Thipawan and the next three will be spent with Ms Sirintara. As for every Saturday, the three of us will sleep together" Ms Sirintara finally told the press, "When my twin and I worked as assistant nurses, we promised each other that we would never leave each other's side, and that our future husband would have to either take us both, or leave us.

omigosh.... Man's ulitimate dream...
Wonder what would Cleif say ... kah kah

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