Vijay Singh The world No 1 [08 September 2004]
The man who tamed the tiger . And he would have been the man that brought fame to Malaysia ... if the goverment officers were a bit more long sighted. Here is the story of a aircraft technician's son who married a local Sabahan lass. He wanted to become a Malaysian PR but bereucracy deemed that he is not qualified enough to be one. Its funny how we spend 90 million on 26 atheletes and 26 officials aka mamasans for the Athlens olympics and yielded a golden egg . Vijay would have cost nothing yet blossomed our name around the world. At least Fiji has a world No 1 now.

To Russia With Love
Dear Mr Putin , Our condolences to your children and adults who have perished. We would prefer otherwise , but guess now is the time to move on . As you ponder on the next move , remember that being strong in might may not achieve what you desire . Be different than George Bush .

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