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Reads like another PR exercise for Sime Darby. Read the artcle and one will not find comfort in the word of the chairman.Already, you can sense the impending doom to IJN.
Talking about synergizing between SJMC and IJN. SJMC is known to be profit oriented and their track record in social responsibility is abysmal. There are even incidences of SJMC refusing patients and emergency cases.
The rakyat would be a fool to think that it will happen. Both Gov and Sime Darby would claim moral victory by saying that the rates will be the same. BUT, the proportion will be much smaller. So, full payer would cover more % than the poor paymaster. Pay poormaster will be given a small ward, unless they upgrade. lalala .

Sime Darby needs to hands off IJN!
Gov't gives green light to IJN privatisation
Dec 18, 08 1:41pm
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said that the government has no objection for Sime Darby Bhd to acquire a stake in the national heart institute (IJN).

A total sell off. Najib's statement shows how uncaring the government is. Another good institution sold of. Just lower the IPP payment (RM1-2 billion per year) and you can keep IJN with a raise for all workers. Najib's response to the hillside tragedy is also hollow - consider HK blueprint so homeowners pay. And the current rakyat subsidy of petrol fuel where government makes RM150 million per month. Government seemed to make all the profit and take away the few institution that is effective for the rakyat.

Why is sime darby so influencial? They got the government to pressure Guthrie etc. to merge and now this... . With their car business suffering, CPO prices down, leaders sacked and put in court .. Sime Darby is not a company that inspire confidence.


Jail for sex with teen hooker - Malaysiakini

A RENOVATION contractor was sentenced to 12 months' jail on Monday for paying $100 to an underaged prostitute for sex.

Tan Chye Hin, 55, pleaded guilty to getting the services of the 16-year-old China prostitute in a Geylang hotel on Aug 4.

The father of three is appealing against the sentence. His $12,000 bail was upped by another $6,000.

Last month, the pimp who abetted him in the offence, Wang Minjiang, 36, was similarly jailed 12 months by the High Court after the prosecution appealed against his original fine of $8,000.
Both Wang and his nephew, Wang Youyi, 31, had been fined for offences under the Women's Charter.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Karen Ang Aiping had sought at least 12 months' jail for Tan.
It was clear, she said, that the primary reason for introducing new laws in the Penal Code was to afford protection to a group of minors aged below 18 from sexual exploitation.

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This story reminded me of the infamous episode involving a 16 year old Malay girl and a certain UMNO warlord. This is the episode that lead to Guan Eng getting ISAed for trying to defend the girl and famil. Of course, the issue is forgotten and nobody got charged. Read thru the court case and you will find extreme details ( bought the girl phone cards and some fruits) and the effectiveness of the court system there. Even the photo of the chap is there.

Rape cases is up. Most of the rapist are close to the family. The court is overstretch & no sign of improving. Rempit shares girlfriends, people are turning to younger prostitutes. Politicians and rich people can try exotic girls ( Mongolians?) and Malaysia is the top women trafficking country in the world. Police are busy trying to protect 'minors' from being exploited in bicycle campaigns.

Would that happen in Malaysia that minors are protected?

At least i know that in 'boring' Singapore's coffee shop, you can get different type of entertainment. hehe.

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