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3 cute dogs in Omotesando
Celebrating 2010 new year in Himeji temple, Harajuku

Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Freezing in Iceland
Snow and hails .... !!!

I have practically disappeared over the blog horizon.

Since the Misinformed Minister Rais Yatim said that social networks are bad for Malaysian culture, decide that I should be back to the blogsphere again.

So, what is there to talk about?

Country - 11 churches, 1 gudhwara and 1 mosque attacked. Debates are emotional and irrational. Some reports are saying that our international standing has fallen and even some dared to suggest economic sanction from the big brother.

Life- am now an uncle!! Ok, i am already called an uncle before that but this is a real biological uncle status.

Still need to get married and seemed to be rather impossible

Started my new job in the same company and going thru the process of knowing people, business and the lingering feeling of incompetence.

Still like my church and the many activities there and beyond. I reckon that one day, I (and others ) will be caught and imprisoned for doing something that we were doing last time due to laws that were created arbitarily. May Allah's grace be upon us.

Let me share some photos that was taken from last months or so...

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