3 underaged girls were raped and the perpetrator is loose

Balasupramaniam said the 2006 Ampang case had been postponed in January last
year because both the IO and interpreter were absent; it was postponed again in
August because the medical report was not ready and the IO was absent, and again
in December as the IO was absent.

I am appalled by the way we treat our ladies. The 3 girls are underaged. Assemblywoman Elizabeth's 'nude photo' coverage is demeaning to the ladies. They are left fending for themselves and that is not right.
“The parents lodged a police report after they managed to record a telephone
conversation between the suspect and the eldest victim and we are now asking the
A-G to look into revoking the bail and placing the suspect in police custody,”
he told reporters at the AG’s Chambers on Monday.

AG to look into rape case of 3 underage girls

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