8th March 2009 - Political thunderstorm that hits Malaysia

Nah, i give u my rocket finger!!

This quite sums up how the future of politics in Malaysia should be.( from Malaysia Today's blog)

written by oceanuz, March 06, 2008 | 10:40:37

I'm chinese...
PAS contest in my area...
I vote for PAS.
I not stupid. period.

I'm malay...
DAP contest in my area
I vote for DAP
I have voted for DAP more than 15 years
I not stupid too. Period.

Intelligent people who knows issues and goes beyond the line of status, race or creed. ONe that looks at the betterment of fellow Malaysians as a whole.

For today, we celebrate the first time ever denial of 2/3 majority in Parliament of the National Front. Along the way, it changes the way politics have been formed in Malaysia where DAP took over the states of Penang and Perak while PAS helms both Kelantan and Kedah. And PKR took over the hot seat of Selangor as another sign of power sharing. And even KL fell to oppositions , who from today are considered governments as well. Both DAP and PKR is secular and multiracial while PAS is Islamic & prudent.

I voted for DAP ( as Kenny Sia advices :) ) and cautiously PAS. Took out some time to give a pesanan ( message ) to the PAS candidate that he needs to be help out all races and creed. The gentlement shook my hand. Dr Ismail won his seat with 3 fellow DAP candidates in my hometown of Muar.

I will be watching..

It is just tremendous to be part of the change agent. We like in exciting times.

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