Enabling orang Asli in Malaysia to learn English

This is my best Christmas gift... to see the fruit of other people's labour :). The video shows children from 6-10 years old in an Orang Asli village conversing in English. Teams of dedicated teacher ( ordinary people where were not trained) went to the village weekly to teach these childrens. Some time, they would come and not see any children. The more faithful ones do pick it up and am very proud of them.

Am proud that there is also another initiative in Bentong.

Muslim / non Muslim marriages in Malaysia

Marriages between Muslims and non Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law, except in certain limited circumstances. Malaysian Islamic law is even more limited than some other schools of Islamic law. International human rights norms however suggest that the prohibition and criminalisation of interfaith marriage is an unreasonable restriction on the rights of men and women to marry and found a family.
Islamic law

Under Islamic law, as I understand it, a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman or a Kitabiyyah. See for example section 10 of the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984:-

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