Fish is Sungei Way

I was down to my old company today for a meeting.

Sungei Way Free industrial zone has always been grey-ist on my mind. Of course, the smog and smokes from moving vehicles would not help. Spending more that 5 years here means that I do know how physically dirty the place can be and what chemicals that these companies do carry in their operation.

Anyway, I parked my car in the only available car park that I can find. Moving carefully beside the rain water drain, i suddently see movements below. Omigosh... fishes. Not one, but many. Wow, how can these fishes survive if not already mutanized to the environment. Of perhaps, the good work done by the Sungei Way companies are bearing the intended results.

Speaking of fish, i went back to myh apartment in Flora Damansara and chance upon a sticker advertising " Fish Spa" in one of the apartments. Wow, hope it is not the chichlid variety. I called up the enquire and the chinaman was put off by his rudeness. Would have been an interesting photo find.

As much as Digi likes the duck, i like my fish.

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